Monday, April 25, 2011

Heritage Hunt Badge FINISHED

HOORAY! One out of four badges done!
Here is a record of the things I've done:

Skill Builders:

#3: do two activities that girls of a older generation would have done. (See link)
#5: participate in a family tradition (see link)
#6: Search out history about my community. For this, I went to the library, read several things about my town's heritage, and made a timeline. (For personal security reasons, I have not posted this on my blog.)

#3: Make comparisons between technology from today, with that of 100 years ago. (I did this conversation with my mother, and I did not put it on my blog [because it wasn't that interesting. ;) ])

Service Projects:
#4: Identify several examples of cultural diversity in your community in the form of literature, and read selections to a group of younger girl scouts. I did this, even though it was tricky (most people in my neighborhood are from Europe...) but I did. :)

Career Exploration:
#1: Write a biography on a woman of the past whom you admire. (see link)
#3: Identify the various careers that are a legacy in your family, and talk to some of the adults who hold these careers, to see why they chose their jobs. (I did do this, but again, it's not on my blog. :) )

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