Friday, April 6, 2012

Lazy Angela is Lazy

Heh. So, I have pictures taken for this post about my books and stuff... But I'm a little too lazy to put it up (whaaat? I have the pictures edited and saved and everything!), so I'm just stealing what Cat did, which is one of those things where you just basically talk about yourself.... Yeah... Isn't this fun?!

Alphabet Me:

Algebra. 'Cause I like math.
Burn Notice. TV show that I like.
Cookies. Theyre yummy.
Dungeons and Dragons. Best. Roleplay. Game. EVER. B)
Eczema. It's a skin type. And it stinks. TT_TT
Fantasy. It's the type of book that I'm most likely going to write.
Giraffes. I saw some. And I can't think of anything for G. XD
Hands. I have them. And I'm typing with them. B)
Ice cream is amazing!
Japanese is the language I'm learning!
Katherine is my middle name.
Lame is this post.
Music. Must I say more?
Next month I have the AP for Western Civ.

Yeah. my alphabet ends at N.
I'm just not up to finishing.