Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Reason Why I Really Shouldn't Procrastinate.

Like there's not enough already, I have to come up with more. [eyeroll]

Today's "why I really shouldn't procrastinate" reason is because... well... it's tiring.

Today I was sitting on my bed, doing my math and texting Katie. Blah blah blah. Whatever. Then I hit a spot in my math that I couldn't do, and Katie had to stop texting.
Now, if I had been a sane human being, I would have simply taken the solutions guide, read how to do the problem, figured it out, and kept going.
Did I do this?
Of course not.
That would be too logical.
Instead, declaring that the math textbook was simply wrong, I laid down in bed and went to sleep for half an hour.
I procrastinate.
When I woke up, the odd feeling of being even more tired than before came to me. (This is why I don't take naps, by the way. If I take a nap feeling like I've only had three hours of sleep in a night, I wake up feeling like I've only had three hours of sleep the entire week.).
Still procrastinating doing my math, I ended up wandering upstairs and making myself some toast.
That was when I really started noticing the side effects of my nap (and therefore of my procrastination).
I mean, you have to be tired when you start continually looking for cinnamon sugar in the Tupperware cupboard.
But you really have to be exhausted when, after finding the sugar in the proper cabinet, making your toast, and then eating it... You actually put away the sugar in the Tupperware cabinet. [facepalm]
It all seemed to level out after that, however... I returned to the dungeon basement and finished my math (I got 32 out of 36 questions right... Booyah!), came back upstairs, talked about how I wanted to watch Spy Kids 2 tonight... and then I sat down at the computer to write my blog post. However, I wasn't feeling very inspired, so I just GoodSearched "Blog Post Ideas", and looked at what came up.
I was scrolling down one of the lists when I discovered that the effects of my procrastination really hadn't gone away, and I had just thought they had, because while scrolling down, there was some sentence that went along the lines of "Write about how Blogger makes Blogging more difficult".
I read it as
"Write about how Flogging makings Blogging more difficult."
Maybe I've been reading too many pirate books.
That's it.


Sandy said...

XD Yeah procrastination is a BIG problem with me too =P Only it makes me feel lazy and generally all around worthless... writing helps. Just GETTING yourself to write it the hard part.

Cat said...

Funneh. I do the same thing, I will avoid taking naps at all costs because when I wake up I will feel like a zombie.

I don't procrastinate that much... Not usually... I used to do it ALL THE TIME. With pretty much EVERYTHING :P I do sometimes, I think everyone does.

Btw, love the flogging makes blogging more difficult. I bet it does.

Angela said...

@Sandy: Hola! :) Nice to see you here. I'll take a look at your blog. xD
Writing DOES help! And yeah... the hardest bit is actually getting yourself to sit down and turn on the computer, and look at the book/article/blog/whatever and see where you left off and...
yeah. :)

@Cat: exactly, lol!
Oh wow... I do... I feel like a failure... but I do... :P

That's honestly what I read. I was so confused...