Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's nothing like the smell of dog poop in the morning..

It's only 9:58 AM here, and I've already had an eventful day.
How, you may ask, does a 14 year old girl have an eventful day in the hours between 6:00 and 10:00?
First of all, wake the teenager up at 6:00 by having her little sister rush into her room, shake her awake, and say,
"Angela! I'm leaving. Goodbye! Oh.. And be careful, because Fritz pooped right outside your door."
Make the girl mumble something incoherant, roll over and fall asleep for another two hours.
At 7:57, make the girl's mother come in and say,
"Good morning, Angela! You should come upstairs and have some breakfast. Oh, and Fritz had an accident outside your room, so be careful where you step."
Make the girl get up, gag at the stench of dog poop, stumble upstairs, and eat breakfast. Then have her mom tell her that, surprise surprise, the poop is ALL OVER the basement. Then make her tell her daughter that she should help her mother clean.
Have the girl and her mother go downstairs armed with sock rags and diapers, a bucket with warm water, a broom, and a box of baking soda. Make them clean for about an hour, trying to get the poop out of carpet, and then sprinkling soda over the wet places.

So, I bet, after that story, you can't possibly figure out what the heck I woke up to this morning! *headdesk*
We have to go back down at 2:00 to get the baking soda up, and then we get to febreeze everything... And hopefully that's it.
Wish us luck.

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