Monday, March 21, 2011

Girl Scout Week post #2: bread and spinning

Also for the Heritage Hunt IP, I had to do two activities that girls from the olden days would have done. The badge book gave me a few options, and one of them was to bake bread. This being one of the easiest (and most appealing) options for me, I got out the bread cookbook, and chose a whole wheat bread recipe. I made it (with a few adventures...), and baked it.

The second thing that I did for my activity was to spin with a drop spindle. This was not included on the list, but since it was in fact an activity, I figured it would count anyway. A drop spindle is interesting, because it's easy to use, but it's also very interesting. I've spun one skein of black alpaca yarn on it.

One more requirement done! :)

(And for those who are wondering... the bread turned out verrrrryyyyy yummy. :) )

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