Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a published author!!!!

Alright. So, I know that I just made my "books of an UNpublished author" blog... but... I'm... eh... published. Now. On . It's just an internet magazine, and it's just an article on money saving, not a book, but hey! It's up there! Peeps will read it!

So, it's the same article as I posted on here (except, that was before I corrected "$200" to "$100"), but if you wanna see it in print, you can find it here.


Cat said...

That's awesome Angela!

By the way I AM reading Burning Hope, it's saved on my computer, it's just really slow going as I try not to read (like actually READ) on the computer for long periods because it kinda strains my eyes...

Cat :D said...

Congrats!! :D x