Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Book Challenge

So, I was thinking about my bookcase today. And the bookcases at the library. And I determined, after much thought, that all of the said bookcases are filled with books.
Genius, I know.
I also decided that a LOT of these books, I haven't read.
(Yeah, that was a shocker.)
So then I decided that I was going to not only read as many books as possible in May, but I was also going to try to read every single YA book in my library.

This is going to take a lot of effort.

Like my goal to finish every IP in my badgebook, this is also going to take some motivation. So I'm considering putting another page on my blog where I can keep track of which books I've read, how fast I read, how many books are left, and where the reviews are for each one. (I credit this idea to Cat :D by the way. Just so you know. :) She's so awesome I'm copying.) So, I'm just putting this up here because every so often I'm sure I'm going to start moaning and groaning and whining and complaining about how I don't want to do this anymore.

That's when you say "I told you so".


That's when I'm going to need someone to give me a kick in the rear and tell me to suck it up and keep reading.
Just so you know. :)



Cat said...

WOAH. Every single one? I could never do that. My library has hundreds, and then they get like 10-40 in every month. And mostly because I'm not interested in EVERY book they have. It'd totally suck my love of reading write out of me. And then my writing would get out of wack because I tend to be at least slightly influenced in writing style by every book I read. (So does everyone so I've heard). Wow I sound like a killjoy. That's not what I'm going for! I'm wowed! :)

Same with the badgebook (ones I'm interested it, that is.) Good luck!

Angela said...

Well, maybe not every one. But I'd like to start with the first one on the shelf, and go from there. Excluding series, which I really, REALLY, don't like. At all.

Your idea bout the love of writing makes sense, and obviously you believe in that. In my opinion though, it's unhelpful if you always read the same genre of books over and over again. Besides that, in my opinion, if I don't take a chance to read books that I wouldn't regularly pick up, I will not know bad fiction, and therefore will not have the ability to compare and contrast "good" fiction to "bad" fiction, to the fiction in between.

For the badges.. It's because I'm not particularly interested in any of them. I'm not sure why, but paging through the book, none of them caught my particularly. Besides that, like with the book genres, I find that if I stick only with things in my comfort zone that I'm interested in, I'm never really going to know who I am, or what I'm capable of.

To each their own, right?

Cat said...

Oui! To each their own.
I do read stuff outside of my comfort zone, actually... I thought I was the only one that felt that way about the badges, it was like, none of them seemed to grab me... I'm trying to pick some to work on for the summer though... :)

Also, you should know, I'm now reading most of my texts in my head in that annoying voice. >.< Ha!