Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breaking Norms- A Girl Scout Post (and also a fun activity)

For the Understanding Yourself and Others IP, I had to "break social norms". They gave a list of norms which I could break, but I didn't think many of them were very... eh...... let's just say that I know people who break all of those norms several times a day. (Things like, riding an elevator backwards. Standing very close to a friend while talking to them. Etc.) So... I broke social norms my own way.

Today, I went on a walk with Veela, and my brother Kenneth. It's a 3 mile walk, down the road across our street, and back. We hiked down the road (1.5 miles), then turned left, and got into a forest preserve.
In the forest preserve is a park, and I had told Ken that we would go there, if he could make it the entire walk. So we went in, prepared to break the norms.
In the park, there is this very large boulder. It goes up to at least my shoulder, and it's meant for climbing. (I'm not kidding. It's the "climbing boulder".) So, Veela and I climbed up onto the rock. After pondering what to do for several minutes (and texting my friend to see what they thought), we decided to sing VERY LOUDLY, several girl scout songs.
On top of the boulder.
In front of a ton of people.
So, we stood up, and started singing. We sung "The Princess Pat", "Tarzan", and "My Auntie Monica".
So, now I have to answer some questions.

How difficult was it for you to do the activity?
Not that difficult. I mean, there was a certain leap of mentality that I had to go through... From being "People are going to stare. O.O" to... "People are going to stare! AWESOME!"

How did the other people react?
To tell the truth? Most of them didn't even notice. The ones that did (namely, several small children and two mothers), either stared at us in bewilderment, or laughed at us and cheered us on, respectively.

And that, my friends, was my adventure with breaking social norms.
I think I'll go back there on Tuesday and repeat the experiment.

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