Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Own Business` Finished!

Here's the third one. :)

Skill Builders:
#1: Analyze advertisements. (Did this at meeting.)
#4: Interview a woman who runs her own business. (I think this was also covered at the meeting.)
#5: Make a hobby into a business. (EDBD Beads, anyone? :) )

#1: Interview three self-employed people to find out about the technological advances which have helped them with their business. (I did this, but it isn't on my blog.)
#3: draw a 2D advertisement. (I made business cards for EDBD Beads. )

Service Projects:
#2: Create a project to help parents educate their children to be knowledgeable consumers. (see link)
Career Exploration:
#2: consult a professional about how to prepare for a job interview. (Did at meeting.)
#5: explore the careers of three women who started their own businesses and became multimillionaires. (See here, here, and here.)

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