Friday, April 29, 2011

Silver Award- Finished!

Here it is, folks!
The update on my Silver Award... *faints*
Yes, it's done.
One day before the deadline. ;)

I earned the Girl Scouts Silver Leadership Award by:
Earning the Understanding Yourself and Others badge,
the Heritage Hunt badge,
the Eco Action badge,
by earning the "Uniquely Me! The Real Deal" Studio 2B thing,
and by helping to teach Religious Education for (at least) 15 hours.

I also earned the Silver Career Award by:
Finding out about Forensic Science (it's a job I knew nothing about, one very few woman did, AND it required a special degree. Three in one!),
talking to Laura from Starved Rock Hot Glass,
asking my Cousin in college about what classes she's taking and what she wants to be when she gets done,
talking to several self-employed people about what they liked about their jobs, and how they spend their regular days,
and earning the Your Own Business badge.

And I earned the 4Bs by planning and helping with the Nature Center. That was our big project, and it turned out really cool. (Sorry I don't have a link or a picture or anything. It really looked good.)

And... Ta da. I'm done. Thank heavens...

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Cat said...

YAYYAYYAYYAY! It was a lot of work, wasn't it? I finished mine this morning-- my dad needed help with something last night else it would've been done then. Now, everyone in the troop is done! Yayyyyyy. We should all feel accomplished and happy-ful. :D