Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Most Amazing Thing Ever...

So, I think at least a few of you read my Thank You post. Right?
If you haven't, scroll down and read it.
I'll wait for you.
Back? Good. Because this post has to do with that. And it's story.
Last... Thursday? Well, my Thank You day, anyway... I thanked over 50 people.
And the amazing thing was?
It was a chain reaction.
I posted something on the One Year Adventure Novel forum... And within three days, around 12 more people have taken the idea and posted their own thank yous. I know some of the people I know in real life have taken the idea, and even if they haven't thanked anyone on that massive scale, I know that they thanked at least one person.

I just want to point out that these things really work. Those crazy ideas you get in the middle of the night? The times when you think, "Wow. I should really do something nice... No, it won't work,"?
It will work.
Seeing all those Thank You posts on the forum? That made my day.
I wasn't even mentioned in a lot of them.
Seeing all those people so happy because someone thanked them?
That was even better.

I guess there isn't much of a meaning for this post. Just to know that even if you start out with just saying thank you, or appreciating the things in your life, or being nice to someone, or just letting someone know that they mean a lot to you... It might have a bigger affect than you think it will.
I'm just sayin'.


Cat :D said...

I just read your Thank You post (sorry I hadn't read it earlier!) and it was so nice!! Thank you so much for what you said! :D I love your blog and it's a pleasure commenting on your amazing posts :)

Cat said...

That's awesome. :)

I <3 chain reactions when they're great ones like these.