Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Understanding Yourself And Others Badge... Finished!

Second of two finished. ;) and I just realized that I actually did one extra requirement. Headdesk! No wonder this one took me so long!

Skill Builders:

#1: Watch people and observe how they use body language. (See link)
#3: Break social norms. (See link! And then try! xD )
#5: Role-Play the situations they outline in the Interest Project book. I did this at one of the camp outs. :) (BRUCE FTW!!!!!!)


#1: Present something that shows awareness about particular issues that affect teens. (Did this at a meeting.)

Service Projects:

#2: Put on a play about peer pressure. (did at the meeting.)
#3: Put together a booklet/pamphlet to help adults understand teens. (Finished today... link to come, possibly. :) )
#4: Observe how you feel when you wear different types of clothing. (I went goth for an entire day. Let's just say... I've completed this. :) )

Career Exploration:

#3: Make a list and observe your roles, and the roles of an adult woman. (See link.)

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