Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Martha Stewart- A Girl Scout Post

Martha Stewart started her infamous career in the late 70's, when she and a business partner started a catering business. Stewart became known for her business, due to her creative approach and gourmet foods. A few years after her business took off, Stewart wrote a book, Entertaining, which made the best seller list. She soon published several more books, and started her first magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

It all ended in tears, however, for a little while. Stewart was charged with insider trading, after returning to Wallstreet. She was charged guilty, and went to prison for several months. She finished her sentence in house arrest.

Soon after her sentence ended, Stewart was back, and accepted two offers to do daytime shows. Although one of the shows ultimately ended as a major fail, the other one has been on since 2005, and shows no sign of stopping.

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