Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update on my amazingly chaotic disgusting life.

So, last I wrote it was about 10:00.
It is now almost 2, and my life has gotten even more dramatic, if that's even possible.

For one... We got all the poop cleaned up. But that took a while.
I wrote a longish chapter for a collective novel I'm writing with my friend Katie... I wrote more on a different book I'm writing, called Reaper...
And then, while I was watching an update by Peter Jackson on the Hobbit's making, my brother ran up to me ans told me that Carmen had vomited on the floor.
there was a LOT of vomit.
And it was orange.

So I was standing there, staring at the throw up and wondering how the heck I'm expected to clean up a huge amount of orange colored vomit, when Carmen walks over and starts eating it. So then I was standing there, watching my dog eat her own vomit, when my mom walked in and asked me what was going on.
I told her that Carmen had vomited, and now was not letting me clean it up because she's magic and can make food.
Of course, this got me no sympathy from my mother, who simply started laughing. Why? Because she is a cruel person. because she had to clean up dog poop this morning.
So, I cleaned it up.
With the dust pan.
And a plastic bag.
It was actually Kenneth who came up with the plastic bag idea. He's so smart...

yeah. That's all I really have to say (my mom got on the computer, then Veela was on the computer for like an hour... and so my creativity sort of disappeared.)


Cat said...

Oh wow. You've sure had an exciting day! I'm sorry :(

BTW, the Allie Brosch (HYPERBOLEANDAHALF) reference MADE MY DAY.

Btw. Orange puke?

Angela said...

Yes, I love Hyperbole and a Half. :) (actually, I got there from Epbot... which is equally awesome. xD )

Yes. It was orange. it was very random, but it was orange. xP