Sunday, May 31, 2009


ok, so, first of all, I have a blog carnival, and I need more submissions. please, submit some book reviews! you can find the link on

second, I was digging around in some bins which I filled with junk from like, three years ago, and I found this poem, well, actually two poems, by my friend Vivian, and I decided to post them.
I personally like the one about the fly.


It's lighter than a bow,
You play in it,
Fight in it,
And have lots of fun in it,


What is in the sky,
nothing but a fly,
you swat,
and you fought,
'Till it's black and blue.

please, leave a comment saying how much you like them, because my friend worked hard on them!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

the short thingy that I did on Fennec foxes

The Fennec Fox

The Fennec fox lives in the desert. It has a sandy colored coat, which allows it to blend in with the sand in the desert. One of the more unusual things about the Fennec fox is it's ears. The fox's ears can grow to be about six inches long. They use these large ears for dissipating heat during the day, and hearing prey at night.

The Fennec fox is an omnivore. That means it eats both meat and vegetation.

This type of fox is considered the only type of fox which is considered a suitable pet. It is not however, considered domesticated.

The Fennec fox normally gives birth once a year, to 2-5 pups.

sorry that there are no pic., my computer wouldn't let me upload them. there are pictures here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my new haircut

Yesterday I got my hair cut. not a little bit cut, a lot. My mom cut off an entire foot of hair. I'm going to donate it to Locks Of Love. now my hair is really short, its about ear length. see! the one on the right is me before, and then one on the left, after. Lol! It was so funny, I went to Girl Scouts last night, and Linda ran up to me, and she (basically) said "OMG! You cut your hair! how could you do this to me!!!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR! It looks good, but YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!" ROFL. Anyway, that is about what is going on.
by the way, I actually look better with my short hair than the picture shows, because I took it myself... and my mom took the one with me with my long hair.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a story I found.

so, I was digging around in my old notebooks, trying to find one that was reasonably empty, and I found this story I wrote when I was about eight. I decided to type it up. its only like the first chapter, but tell if you think that it was good. I always wondered, my mom said it was good, but I'm not sure if she actually meant it, or was just trying to be nice.

The gohst was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, again. I had told him a thousand times that when he made himself a peanut butter jelly sandwich in the middle of the night he made a huge racket which was, as you can imagine, not helpful when I was trying to go to sleep. I also told him that the sticky places where he had dropped jelly drove my mom, dad, and me crazy! and here he was with a sandwich which oozed grape jelly and peanut butter clamped in his transparent hands.
"I thought I told you not to make yourself sandwiches in the middle of the night." I said. He looked at me with pleading eyes. "but Katherine..."
"no buts."
"I was huuuungry." he whined. geez! he was always hungry.
"this is the third time this week we have had this conversation!"

thats all I can manage to type up now.
if I get enough votes yes, I will type up more later.

this is really funny, and heartwarming, at least to me, lol.

Monday, May 18, 2009

my dichotomous key

today I did some science. my mom has this awesome (so far) science unit she wrote. it is about the five kingdoms, only, in her science thing, they really are kingdoms! with rulers! (and I mean the king and queen type, not the one which you use to measure things with.) today I had to make a dichotomous key, for candy! woot! normally they are used for plants, animals, etc. but, mine was awesome! my mom got ten types of candy, and we wrote a key for them. only them though, so if you ask me for it, and you don't get what you actually have, its probably because I didn't use that type. it was fun. anyways, that is what is new with me, that and I am officially annoyed at my piano teacher. I finished my book, ok? I am done with it. and, guess what!!?? I have to go back to the beginning and re-do some of the songs!! seriously. I want to be done. and, according to her, I'm not ready. sigh.

American History

hi people!
sorry I haven't posted, since, whenever I posted last.
today was my last history class, which I am both sad, and happy about.
happy, I don't have to take a test every Monday, woot, sad cause now I won't see
everyone all the time. =( lol, I have everyone cept Rachel, Lucien, and Jeff's phone # though... lol!=)
in fact one of them just sent me something, yipee. so, what has been new in the world of normal people? wait, back to history, lol, my mind wanders so much....
so, I got there, and we did our tests, yay. then we had pizza, and soda, MINE EXPLODED!!
like, there were all of these leaks in it, so Chris helped me put a paper towel around it. I am still kinda annoyed that I didn't think of that... but anyway, we played jeopardy, my team lost. by twenty points, which actually wasn't that bad. then we went outside and jumped on the trampoline. a lot. it was fffffffffffffffffffffffffffun.
oh, gotta go tell my dad that the timer went off. bye.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a new's aritcle.

Art Fair
by Angela

On Wednesday, May 13, at 10:00 A.M, Lake County H.O.U.S.E. Homeschool students gathered in St. Andrew's church in Mundelien to show off their fabulous art pieces. There were 16 displays. When asked which one she liked best, Abigail, whose display was of abstract art, answered “probably the Lee's.” The Lee's, Vivian, Sabrina, and Derek, in turn said that Abigail's was best. Some of the most noted ones were Liz Artlip's, whose was of pictures of fire, Natalie and Eric's, who had large models of candy wrappers, Jeremy's, who had a series of interesting pictures, Zoe's, who had a fantastic picture of a “Z”, which she made by pounding leaves so that the juice transferred onto the paper, and Will's, who had taken pictures out of a field guide, and had re-drawn them himself. “They were all so good. They were all so different.” Sharon Jacksack, who was one of the wonderful organizers of this event said.
Well, even if the displays were different, one thing is the same. All of the students are looking forward to next year's Art Fair.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

yeah, I know, I have to stop doing this Harry Potter quizes, but they are so addicting!!

What do the Harry Potter characters think of you???(tells you your house too)
SmArT AnD PoPuLaR RaVeNcLaW HaRrY-shes HOTT! i would ask her out but shes always sorrounded by her frends
RoN-she has way 2 many frends and is rlly smart
FrEd + GeOrGe-shes a big costumer 2 our shop
HeRmY-shes my study buddy and shes a prefect
NeViLlE-shes very smart + helps me w/ potions
GiNnY-shes my bffwltgsal(best frend 4ever who likes 2 go shpping alot)
LuNa-shes rlly smart + when I dont know the password 2 the common rooms she helps me
ChO-shes my bff + we hang out a lot
DrAcO-shes rlly smart maybe even smarter than the modblood(HeRmY comes over + punches him)
PaNsY-I agree w/ DrAcO(HeRmY comes over + avadas her then laffs evilly)
VoLdIe-I like told her that w/ her smarticles + my evilness we could rule the world + she waz like "Dude get a life"
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What do the Harry Potter characters think of you? Girls only please![includes a sorting hat]
Intelligent Ravenclaw Harry-She helps me with my homework!
Ron-Too smart. Wait, I can ask her to help me with my homework!
Hermione-We have an awesome time doing Prefect duties together! We're best friends!
Ginny-Too smart for me.
Luna-She can answer the questions I can't to get into the Ravenclaw common Room! We're BFFL!
Draco-Smart! My GF.
Voldemort-I never said I wouldn't accept Ravenclaws for Death Eaters. Barty Crouch Junior was a Ravenclaw! She'd be good at making plans.
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