Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eco-Friendly Bangles.

I've been terrible about posting lately. :S
I'm sorry. My homework load has been INSANE and I can barely keep up with my own life.

But here's a really quick tutorial (no pictures. ;_;) for eco-friendly bangle bracelets.

Here are the things you're going to need:

-Used glow sticks. Preferably with connectors.
-Hot glue
-Fabric scraps- I used t-shirt scraps and denim scraps from jean refashions.

Step one.

Take your used glow sticks.
If they have a connector, you're going to glue the two ends into it. Basically, put glue on the ends of the glow stick, and shove them into the connector. (You're making the bangle bracelet skeleton here.)
If you don't have a connector, get a small piece of paper, glue one end of the glow stick onto it, wrap it up a little, glue on the other end, and then wrap the rest up. Then glue again.
Lots of glue
(I love hot glue.)

Step Two.

Take the fabric, and cut it into strips, as long and as fat as you want.

Step Three
Glue one end of the fabric to the glow stick bangle skeleton.
Wrap fabric around bangle as tight or as loose as you want, gluing every so often to secure the fabric.
Once you reach the end, glue the end down securely.

Ta da.

Kind of a lame tutorial, I know, but I see a lot of these that have to do with buying new bangles, but I being the thrifty/cheap person I am decided to use the used glow sticks.
They look pretty cool, to be honest. :3

Monday, September 10, 2012

Adventures in Life

I've been extraordinarily busy over the past few months. Between the start of CLC, the start of regular school, teaching piano, forcing myself to be social (EVERY. DAY.), and getting a new dog, it's been pretty insane in my life.

I have to say, one of the biggest adventures in my life has been the start of CLC. It's a community college around my area, and I've been taking American History 2 there. It's a fun class, and I can more or less find my classroom without incident now, but the first few times were insane.

In fact, I think I probably looked nuts the first few times, muttering to myself and attempting not to make eye contact with everyone and walking back and forth trying to find my classroom.
Good times.

Another amazing fact of my class is the amount of idiots in it. You'd think that because it's a college class, that there would be fewer idiots.
In fact. There are several people in my class. Who I just want to grab. And smack. And wonder what they're even thinking.
The first Thursday class we had, we had to read evidence selections from people such as Booker T. Washington. All influential black speakers from reconstruction at the end of the civil war.
At class, we were seperated into groups, and we were each given a piece of evidence to think about, describe, and then analyze out loud to the class.
We were in the middle of talking about it when this girl in my group opened her mouth and said...
"This is kind of a stupid question.... But are all these people black?"

Like... I don't even understand this!
And how come I'm  the one who always ends up doing the talking? I'm in a classroom with a bunch of other older kids.
And yet I'm always the one raising my hand because the teacher is looking for class participation and everyone else seems to have gone temporary mute.
I shake my head at you, college kids.

So, right now I'm actually taking a break from reading my assignment for tomorrow's class.... It's rather boring, but I'm entertaining myself by taking notes about everything on it.

I promise I'll post more later!