Monday, May 31, 2010

what I did today.

today was a very busy day. sorta. first- HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. happy RAINY memorial day. pyshaw.

Today I danced around in the basement with my sister, dressed up like princesses. Then we played dolls. :)

Then, we went outside. It's probably around 70 degrees... maybe 68... and we were outside, playing with the hose, and the swimming pool. it was really cold. Alright, to share with you guys:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

oi macadamia!

Pretty awesome... you have to REALLY listen to it though.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oooooh, graffiti shoes!!!

These are my amazing graffiti shoes!! they're just amazing, aren't they. :) the tutorial is found here at "Lil Blue Boo" which has (in my opinion- and that of my mother) the coooollleeessst projects ever!! :)

for my shoes, I used some REALLY UGLY plain white ked tennis shoes, which were handmedowns from my cousins. :P blah. I can't stand things like that- without color. :P Google translate is being stupid and saying that "coucou" actually means "cuckoo". It doesn't... I don't think.. if it does, w/e. "The Daring Book for Girls" however, says that it means something like "hello there!" or "Hello you!" So, yeah. That's the explanation for that. for the word "Tuda" I'm sure you can scroll down to read, or click here to read the post on my blog that explains the word. :) (yes, it has it's VERY OWN post. I bet it feels all grown up now.) So, go and look at the tutorial (her shoes turned out waaaayyyy cooler then mine) and have fun dest- oops... *cough* PAINTING your shoes. :)

Lets help my mom, shall we?

Alright, my mom reaaaallllyyyyy needs some help here peoples. Click ON THIS POST to see her blog post, which will explain EVERYTHING. :D please help her!! (this is NOT boring thing. it's quite fun, actually.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the three forbidden top- wait. the THREE??

all of you (I hope) know that I am a homeschooler. For those of you who either don't pay attention, or haven't run into these people (in which case, unless you are one (if you are, let it be known, I don't like you) pray you never do (if you homeschool)) then let me enlighten you. There are people in this world who believe that homeschooling is evil. That homeschoolers are stupid. That they don't learn anything. That public and private schoolers are smarter. Pretty much that homeschoolers suck.
I was camping, quite recently. (I got back about an hour and a half ago.) We were camping in my friends' backyard. While we were there, one of my friends' neighbors decided to visit. (why, I don't know. He just did.) Now, this man is apparently angry at everything right now. Take that in mind.
(alright, I don't want to say his real name, so we'll call him Jacob. Kk?)
My mom, Holly, Julie (maybe?), Valerie, and possibly someone else (I wasn't there) were sitting at a table. Jacob went over, and started talking to them.

About fifteen minutes later, Valerie comes over to where I am sitting with my GS troop. She has this really angry, disbelieving face on, and a minute after she sits down on one of the blue folding chairs, she starts talking.
"That man said that homeschoolers were stupider than publicschoolers."
One of the girls (We'll call her Martha) started in.
(another girl- Jill)
"He's from a different country," Jill says. "You can't judge him by his opinions."
"I know, but he is over there telling my mom that homeschoolers are horrible!!"
"But," said Jill, "He was asked! They asked him for his opinion, you can't judge him by his opinions!!"
"Whoa," said Kristina (not my sister, this is another fake name) "What is going ON? I heard something about homeschooling." (Kristina is a homeschooler, Martha used to be, and Jill isn't.)
"Valerie is judging Jacob on his opinions!"
"She was simply annoyed and telling us that, and I think we have a right to know." Martha sat up from the ground. "there's nothing wrong wi-"
"You can't judge him by his opinions!!"
"She wasn't judging anyone!!"
"what is going ON?"
Martha looked at Kristina. "valerie was simply expressing her annoyance at the man. He said that homeschoolers were idiots."
"Whoa," said Kristina. "That was uncalled for."

... I think you get the picture.
The argument went on for about fifteen minutes, before Holly finally came over and broke it up.
There are supposedly two forbidden subjects- religion, and politics. I think that this argument, and the way that everyone got really angry and Jill looked like she was going to beat Valerie and Martha and myself up, and everything, goes to show that those people, the ones that say that there are two forbidden subjects- are wrong. There are three.

and Homeschooling.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

oops. And yay.

I had these really REALLY ugly white ked tennis shoes. Like... they were hideous. I never wore them, and I didn't intend on it, either. So, using the tutorial here, I made them look cool. Today, I was finishing the painting, and I was wearing my black tanktop. It is a really cool shirt- it's a black ribbed tanktop, with the words "I'M NOT SHY, i'm just quietly observing my prey" on it. And I got BLUE FABRIC PAINT ON IT!! I was (am) so ticked at myself.
lets just hope it'll wash out soon.

Also, I think I have a "job" (it only really lasts for about three days). It is for cleaning out a savanna restoration thing, and I'll most likely be working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, next week, along with my friend Matthew.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


You tuda you.

Tuda, for those of you who don't know, is Monica (my tuda sister)'s favorite tuda all-purpose tuda word. She uses it for tuda. literally tuda everything.
just saying.

anyway. today I graffittied my shoes. I had these REALLY UGLY white plain ked tennis shoes, and so I took them, put.... tuda on them, and then painted them. They look so tuda-awesome.

I also got a critique for my chapter 1!! it's very long, but I'm also incredibly thankful that someone could just sit down and read my chapter. Thank you!!! (not that he reads this blog, but w/e).

So, yeah. Tuda!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finished with the AP!!

So, today I woke up at 6 AM!! (amazing, since I normally WAKE UP at about 7:45), and I got up. I got dressed, went upstairs, had breakfast, etc. Then, we went for the AP. o.O and... I Think I passed!!! I get the results in July, and then I can either say "yay" slink away and pretend I never took it (if I failed) or throw confetti and eat pie (if I get a 4 or 5). :) :) :)

Congrats to everyone else who took it, as well... KT and Linda and Liz and (yes) Lucien!! I bet you all did great!