Friday, April 29, 2011

Eco Action Badge... Finished!

Last one!

Skill Builders:
#1: Try to make your family "greener". (Did.... With marginal success. :P)
#4: trace the contributions of someone who was very concerned with environmental quality. (See Career Exploration 4)

#1: Demonstrate to others how an alternative source of energy is tapped. (Did, did not post.)
#2: Find out about testing air, water, and soil quality. (did... I even got a really huge, fat book from the library! ;) )
#5: Find out about how one recyclable resource is recycled, and what is made out of it. (See link)

Service Projects:
#1: Display energy-saving posters in a public place, and have people sign energy saving pledges. (The posters are up at my library, and I had everyone in my lit group sign pledges. :) )

Career exploration:
#4: Write reports on three environmentalists. (see here, here, and here.)

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