Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dashing through the snow, in a three-wheeler sleigh..

Still at my Grandma and Grandpa's house! :) We just got back from going on a ride in this sleigh, hitched to the back of my Grandpa's three-wheeler. It is quite cool- there is one bench (with a back) facing one way, a bench without a back in the middle, and another backed bench facing the other way, with a cushion. The one with the cushion is the one farthest away from the three-wheeler, and each bench can seat three people.
Behind the bench with the cushion, there is a fishingpole, with a pink flag attached to it. The flag is fairly high- probably about two and a half feet from the back of the bench. attached also to the back of the bench is a green plastic strip, with several large jingle bells attached to it. These don't ring when you drive, so someone who is sitting in the back has to grab the strip and shake it around to make the bells ring.

When we ride on the sleigh, we have two blankets, and each backed bench gets one. The dog, Bear, usually rides in between a backed bench and the bench in the middle, and sometimes he runs behind, or in front of, the sleigh.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of riding in each seat.

Advantages of riding in the middle: it's not backed, so you can see either way, or even ride sideways. It's also far more exciting than being on either of the backed sides.
Disadvantages: you have a far higher chance of falling off, and your feet are usually very cramped.

Advantages of riding in the cushion seat: you can see where you're going, and when to duck. And your butt is comfy.
Disadvantages: two words: windburn hurts.

Advantages of riding in the other backed seat: no windburn! It's still comfy, you get a blanket, and it's very interesting to go backwards.
Disadvantages: you have to rely on your siblings' faulty warnings as to when to duck.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas...

...We wish you a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
So, I guess this post is a day late, for the Christmas. Or maybe not (remember the twelve days of Christmas? Christmas is just beginning, people!). But anyway, day late or not, Merry Christmas to all of you.
And the Happy New Year thing, too. :P

As I am typing this, I am sitting at my grandpa's computer, at my Grandma and Grandpa R's house. It is quite pretty here, in Wisconsin (the mitten state). The computer/chair is right next to this large window, and it's sooooo snowy outside. That and they have all these bird feeders, so occasionally you can look outside and there'll be some bird eating food. It's quite lovely.
Besides that, although the house is on the edge of a development, it's also somewhat in the middle of nowhere (you have to go through a bit of forest, and over a railroad track to get here), and looking out the window, you can see all this forest, and what is usually a field, is now completely covered with snow. So. Pretty.

This Christmas I think is one of the best ones I have had. First of all- all the amazing, AMAZING people I get to see. This is something every year, but especially this year. :)
On Christmas eve, I went to my Grandma and Grandpa J's house, and we had a little family party there, with my family, my grandparent's, my cousins, my other cousins, and my Aunt Laura. We opened presents there, including the Christmas Cousin Present Exchange presents (all cousins who wish to participate are assigned a different cousin to send a gift for- I sent one to my cousin GiGi [who's about... five? I'm not sure] in Colorado. Merry Christmas, GiGi!).
Christmas day we opened presents (see below), went to the 7:15 AM church mass (Oh come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant...), and then later (think around four PM), we went back to our cousins' house, and saw... our grandparents, cousins, and Aunt Laura. :D
Then today we woke up... my dad and I went (again) to the 7:15 AM mass, then we got home, packed... shoveled the drive way (because we got around ten inches of snow), and then my mom and siblings left for my grandma Rhody's house, around 9, and then dad, the dogs and I left around 11:30. We got here at about 1:30-2, then we opened presents here with my Aunt Diane and Uncle Erik, and then Diane and Erik left, and then we went upstairs and sorted out our gifts, and now I'm writing this. :) It's all very nice.

Another reason that this Christmas is one of the best, is that I got a lot of stuff that I wanted.
for example:
I got a hot water bottle. With a fuzzy, night sky themed, fleece cover. It is very snuggly, and very, VERY warm. :)
I got PI EARRINGS!! I'm wearing them right now. :) It's got the symbol of pi, then a circle around it. They. Are. Amazing!
And I got a Plato's Closet gift card.
and nailpolish.
And a watch.
there's just so much. It's all amazing. Thank you so much, everyone!! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I should really get my Christmas sewing done earlier...

Today, after several weeks of sewing machine/ironing deprived life, my mom has finally managed to get it back up and running. (or were the machines never not working? I'm not sure, but I will talk more about this later.).
But there is still some bad news.
More on that later.
First of all, if you haven't noticed, I'm a fairly crafty person. As in- I like to make strange animals out of socks, obsessively roll tiny strips of paper into a gluey ball that ends up maybe working as a bead sometimes, going mad and attacking t-shirts with scissors, getting stir crazy and painting large unnatural looking things on my walls (sorry about the hospital legs, oh faery... so sorry...), and so on.
Because of this, most of the Christmas presents (okay, almost all the presents) I give, I try to make homemade. So, this means extensive sewing/cutting/gluing.
Another thing about me: I procrastinate. I procrastinate my procrastinating. Sure, there are days when I wake up, punch the air and scream, I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE TODAY! And those are the days where I'm almost literally everywhere at once, doing my math, practicing piano, making dinner for my mom, etc., etc. But most days... not so much.
As such, as much as I enjoy crafting, I tend to procrastinate it until the last moment, when I look at the calendar and go... "Oh... my gosh... it's.... Christmas eve tomorrow! Heh... I suppose I should make my mom and sister's presents now.. hehehe...." and then worry about it until I finally stumble upon something to make and then have to make it in about ten minutes.
As a procrastinator, I am procrastinating sewing, for reasons I will explain in a minute. Before then, let me post a list as to why I should get all my crafting for presents done early.
  1. During winter, the basement is usually ice cold, and to prepare for staying downstairs for any length of time (besides when I sleep), I tend to have to wear several sweaters/shirts, and put on a hat. And shoes. Sometimes socks. Point: it's cold.
  2. The sewing machine is an obstinate metal creature whose entire point in life, it seems, is to work perfectly for my mother, then to explode into a thread covered mess all over my sewing, when she isn't looking.
  3. Whenever I'm crafting any other season, no one is suspicious. If I start sewing something during winter, everyone assumes (usually correctly) that it is a last minute gift to someone who I really should have had a gift for several months before.
  4. Due to the fact the sewing machine hates me, I tend to get frustrated at it, stomp upstairs, then spend hours on the computer writing posts like the one you're reading now.
  5. If I can spread out the times I have to beg my mother to help me destroy the sewing mess, she tends to be less grouchy than she does when I'm coming upstairs every five minutes and saying something along the lines of, "Um... mom? Mom? the uh... sewing machine isn't working again."
As you can see, those are all very good reasons for me to do my work before the day before Christmas eve. However, despite the fact that I make mental notes every single time this happens, not to let it happen again, undoubtedly it will happen again. Go figure.

On a related note: Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm the Anti-Hero

Alone, broody, and so insanely cool it hurts.

Which character are you? Find out at Springhole.net


Thursday, December 16, 2010

New News- try to say THAT five times fast.

Well! There's some news here, at my house. I'm not sure if I posted it...
*checks blog*
Yes, I did... I said
"Plus, did I mention- my mum's pregnant! Wham, just gonna throw that out there"
So, THAT'S not exactly new news, now is it. But, for those of you who read half my post then skipped the rest (Can you keep a secret? I do the same thing too.. shhh it's a secret!), then let me remind you:
my mom's pregnant!
She's actually due in May sometime, so, that's exciting.


Today we went to her ultra sound (oh boy- stand around in a stifling hot room with your parents and four siblings watching a grainy gray picture on the computer, then go outside and sit for fifteen minutes, waiting for your parents and suffering from the suspicious looks thrown in your direction by a grumpy looking pregnant woman across from you), and we found out... it's going to be...

*drum roll*

A baby boy!! Oh Boy! (literally, lol.)

See? SEE?! LOOKATHISNOSE! That, my friends, is the *insert last name here* nose!!! YES!!
Oh, and on a side note: to those of you who had the same worry as my brother Kenneth*, it is in fact a human being.

*my brother, six years old, was concerned that my mom was going to give birth to a puppy.
sorry to disappoint you, but..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you know what I love?

I love when my brain suddenly and apparently randomly, comes up with some brilliant idea that makes me jump up and down laughing like a demented hyena, and makes me want to rush to my phone and call all my friends just to rave about how brilliant my brain is. (Note: I say "my brain" not "me", because these things usually come when I'm not thinking about them at all.)
Today has been one of those days where those brilliant moments come often and close between. I will illustrate.
  • When I was working on my OYAN Other Worlds book's plot, with Valerie and my mom helping me, I came up with several grand ideas, all by myself, and eventually finished planning out my plot. This wouldn't be so amazing, except for the fact that not only has the "main" plot been planned out, with a happy ending, but I have managed to work in three SUBPLOTS, which is usually one of my weaknesses. Subplots. I don't do so well on them.
  • I managed to plan out my week of homework*, in a simple, comprehensible way. Let me point out that planning my homework in a way that gives me a chance of actually completing the work on any given day, that is a skill that I normally do not possess.
And the best part of this? I got up at 8:20, and my first brilliant bit came at... oh... 11, I'd say. It's now noon, and I've had two smart bits so far.
If the rest of my day continues like this, I might actually manage to get myself off the computer and do some work!

*I'm trying something new: scheduling my homework as it would be scheduled in college, as a class about twice a week. This is my latest attempt to feel that I might actually have some control of my life. Not that I ever have, really, I just like to pretend I do.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Time!!

in several different ways!
First way- GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! But unfortunately, not yet. I don't think we can start selling until January. xP
Second way (and the reason I'm doing this post): CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!
My mom and I just made (with no help the help of Monica) around 150 Christmas cookies. That's a lot. The type that I made (I made 93) were the M&M cookies. I am aware that this is a lame post, that sounds like it was written by a three year old. BUT- I have some pictures of the cookies, to make up for the lame writing bit. Forgive me?

It's still snowing!

Hello everyone! That song up there ^ is "She's a Rebel" by Green Day. It's one of my favorite songs at the moment. Just posting that there because I like posting songs. :)

As the title of this post says, it's still snowing here. It started last night, I think, and so far I think it has snowed about an inch. Maybe. It's hard to tell, because yesterday almost all of the snow melted away. :-\
Usually, snow would not bother me at all, at this time of the year. It's 12/12 (wow, just realized that), so snow is expected here, in Northern IL. But there are a couple of factors working against the snow here- at least in terms of how welcomed it is.
  1. My dad is having a small house built in the backyard, so he can work out there in peace and quiet.
  2. It is *windy*. Each time the wind blows (as it has been since the snow started), the snow blows off the roof, off the piles of snow in the front yard, off anywhere it can, and it blows somewhere else. It seems like the most popular "somewhere else" is on the driveway.
Snow I can handle. Wind I can handle. Snow AND wind, I can usually handle. Snow AND wind AND freezing temperatures? Not so much. I haven't been outside at all today, almost, and I'm dreading the moment that my dad and mom tell me that enough is enough, and that I have to go and shovel the driveway. (Valerie and Christina were out there this morning shoveling away.) Today I had to altar serve, and the door between the... oh drat, I forgot the word... the preparation room, and the place where the family mass is held, the door was locked. So Valerie and I had to go outside the buildings, and run along the sidewalk until we got to the door of the main church, where the "regular" masses are held. Let me tell you- it was cold and miserable.

That's basically all I have to say today. IF this seems like a lame post (Which it very well might... don't I get points for the video?), it's because I don't have a lot to post about, but I feel that I should probably update this blog occasionally. After all, I've had it for about three years, and it hasn't failed me since, I shouldn't fail it, either. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

This is what it looked like outside, early yesterday:

And this is what it looked like when I woke up for the second time (the first time was at 5:30), at 9:00 AM this morning:

Apparently it was snowing last night! And not just snowing: we've gotten around three or four inches already, and it's still snowing.
The amazing thing about snow is that it always continues to fascinate me. Every time I wake up, come upstairs, look out the window and see SNOW, I always think, "Oh. My. SNOW!". It doesn't matter if it's in the middle of winter and it's snowed every day for three weeks. I always get that... Wow. It snows here. And there's snow. Outside. Now. Feeling.
According to Veela (Val) who reads the weather forecast, we're supposed to get around six inches of snow, today. As of yet, I still haven't gone outside, however. I'll probably end up shoveling the entire driveway (when it snows again- mum and dad just went and shoveled it) with only the help of Valerie and Christina, so I'm none to eager to go leaping about in the snow like a retarded, demented fawn named Bambi.
So, that's the news of the day (well, yeah... Plus, did I mention- my mum's pregnant! Wham, just gonna throw that out there), and I'm back off to work on indices (five to the power of negative two times three to the power of four over the top of seven to the power of negative two times nine to the power of four....).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read Epic Bob

In my quest to make my friend Katie's blog, Epic Bob, famous, I've made a little button for it. It's down on the side of my blog. No, that isn't Bob. That's MY favorite character- Marvin's girlfriend and Bobette's best friend- Sunflower Girl! She's awesome! And she's alive!
So, I have the awesome Sunflower Girl button, and the somewhat retarded looking Epic Bob button. (not Bob- he's not retarded. It's the button, because I thought... this is about Bob. Not Sunflower Girl. I suppose I should make one with his face. And so I made it, and it turned out looking stupid.) but anyway, those are the two buttons... if you take one, LINK IT TO: http://epicbob.blogspot.com please!