Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank You

Today is my "Thank You" day. It's a very new invention for myself, since I decided just last night that I really don't show as much gratitude to people as I really ought to. It mostly started because of my friend Isaac, who I realized I hadn't talked to for a while. Then I realized that he was a really good friend, and I didn't think I'd ever told him that.

Thus was the birth of Thank You day.
So... Thank You.

Mom: Thank you for putting up with me, and my siblings, day after day. I know it's cliched, but we owe you. Thank you for letting me do basically what I want... Whether it's drawing on my walls, writing a novel, cutting my own hair, or simply doing history instead of science. Thank you.

Vienna: Thank you for being one of the best commenters I have ever had in the history of this blog. Thank you. I'm sorry I haven't been reading your blog lately. I apologize.

Amber: Thank you for being one of the first readers I had of my blog who wasn't a IRL friend. Thank you for letting me into a slightly larger circle of blog readers.

Cat :D : Thank you for commenting on anything... and nearly everything... I post. It really means a lot when I go to check for comments and there's one from you, just sitting there. Thank you.

Linda/Cat: Thank you for putting up with my complaining. Thank you for being an awesome friend, even when I know I haven't been one. Thank you.

Veela/Valerie: Thank you for being one of the absolute best sisters a girl could ever want. Thank you for being just annoying enough I can complain about you, but not too annoying, so I can still roll my eyes at other sibling fights.

Matthew: I know you probably aren't reading this, or ever will, but thank you for being my friend. I hope I can talk/email/see/text you more. Thank you.

SEP: Thank you. You really are quite hyper, and you drive me crazy sometimes, but you're still amazing. Thank you.

GeoQuester: thank you for being my friend on OYAN, as well as here. Thank you for leaving that comment on my homeschooling post. It was very kind of you.

Rachel: I know I really haven't talked to you for a while, but thank you. Remember that animal blog we had? That seems so long ago. Thank you.

To all my other followers: I'm sorry I have to lump all you guys together in this category, but for most of you, I don't know you well enough to say anything remotely meaningful. I apologize. Thank you for being wonderful and following my blog. I hope to talk to you soon, so I can know you well enough to say thank you individually next year.
Thank you.

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Cat said...

I totally agree with this day. I don't think anyone can really, truly appreciate the people in their lives and thank them enough.

And it's really sweet of you to say I've been a good friend and all. :) And I don't think you complain that much :P and also, you aren't a bad friend.

So, yeah, brilliant post.