Sunday, March 27, 2011

People Watching Observations (Also a Girl Scout Post)

So, you're probably getting a little sick of my Girl Scout posts. Sorry about that. I'm getting a tad sick of them too... But I do have to get my Silver Award done by May 1st, so I really do have to do these...
on the bright side, this one was fun. I had to watch people (uh huh... and no, not stalking. Watching.), and then observe five things about them.
I went overboard and observed ten.
So, these are my (admittedly not so funny) ten observations about people. :)

  1. When people are lonely/out of their comfort zone, they tend to cross their arms/legs and look around wistfully.
  2. People tend to gather to whatever screen is on, and often laugh riotously no matter what's actually on the screen.
  3. When people are relaxed, they often tend to rock back and forth without seeming to notice.
  4. People get louder the more excited they get.
  5. You can generally tell when someone's making an inexplicable mental leap of logic because they get a very far off, brainless (almost zombie-like) expression on their face.
  6. If you get a group of people with similar interests together, conversations always center on the things that are mutually loved or hated.
  7. In a group of teenagers, if there's a pillow/stuffed animal, it will be thrown around as a ball in catch, with virtually no exceptions.
  8. When people get bored, they develop a very tight, pained expression.
  9. People act differently depending on who they're with.
  10. If someone thinks that the group they're in lacks a personality or stereotype, they will often start acting that way, simply to fill the imagined gap.
There you go. Ten observations on people.

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