Monday, November 7, 2011

Proof That I've Changed

I don't usually capitalize on the ways I've changed. I really don't. I usually talk about how much I've stayed the same (see: I'm Still 3 Years Old). But the truth is?
If you've read my blog since I first started it at age ten, you can see a fairly obvious change.

Let me demonstrate.

This is my first post, ever. And, if you judge it against some of the posts I'll be putting links to later in this post... It's pretty advanced. I was a pretty smart ten year old. I mean... I used the word "emits" properly. How many ten year olds use that that word in a regular sentence?
That's why everyone claimed that I was incredibly smart, smarter than people oder than I, and that I was going to be able to do anything in my life at all.
No, wait, that was because of my test scores. Sorry.

Around March of 2008- my 11th birthday- something happened. My brains got sucked out of my nose or something. The preteen mind started setting in. How can I tell? Take a look at my birthday post. Oh me, oh my! Bold yellow letters!
However, 2008 also had some amusing posts... Like my one on the crusades

To tell the truth, it's kind of painful reading my posts. It's no wonder that I didn't have very many followers.

I mean, look at my post that I did in July, that same year. Good grief! You think I was an enthusiastic little bugger or what?! I don't USUALLY capitalize THAT MUCH in one POST!!
Or use "ur" anymore. Thank heavens.

Fortunately, I have one good excuse for why I started writing like the text-speek-brain-washed-pre-teen I was.
...The llama song. I remember when that was the trendiest thing you could be singing. In particular, I remember going to 6 Flags with Abigail and Katie and on the way back, that's all they would say to me. They'd sing the llama song. Or they'd just say, "Angela! Angela! Angela!" and if I didn't say anything, they'd laugh, and if I said, "What?" they'd laugh.
I think the only person on my side that night was Gloria. xD

This was also back when (in December) I decided that I'd try to do a weekly/monthly thing.
Yes, I still used awful fonts and colors.
But at least they aren't bold, and yellow.

I am also aware that I still use run on sentences. You probably couldn't read every single one of my  blog posts out loud without taking a breath in between a sentence at least once or twice. However, I've gotten much better since this post, and at least I no longer go from overly enthusiastic to sounding pathetic.
I hope.
(And what's up with my title? "eve eve Christmas"? What the heck?)

The next year, 2009, was really crazy. Not only were many of my posts still crappy, but for a few posts in a row, I started every title with "so". However, this is also when I first started asking people if they played D&D, as you can see here.
Heh. I'd like to think I'm a bit more sophisticated about asking people if they play RP games now than I was back when I was 11. What do you think?

I also apparently never capitalized anything but the word "I". Hm.

One of the ways that I apparently haven't changed though, are with my random spaztic posts. Like this one, saying how I'd hate it if the color green was outlawed. Truth be told, I still think I made some pretty good points in that post.

One of the most miraculous things, also, in my history, is the fact that my iPod has still survived. I mean, I have only ever had one iPod in my entire life. And it's this one, in that color. In fact, if my ipod didn't have a couple of scratches and a ton of dust under the screen (whoops), it would look exactly like that one. The miraculous thing is that I've had it since 2009. I celebrated it's coming here.
That's one old electronic.

In 2009, the orthodontic work on my teeth also started. Thank heavens that's nearly over...
And this post, certainly shows what a freak I am! Not because I have a running commentary on any movie I've seen more than twice (I am probably the worst person to ever come to a movie night, ever...) but because I decided that instead of adding different paragraphs, I would color the words of each person a seperate color.
I had class. Blogging style.
(You can tell from "the txt spch". xD)
I also seemed to go through an obsession with blogging quizzes... An example is in this one.

More proof I've changed is here...
To prove it, here would be my new list:

Things I "<3"
Movies: Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, 6, & 7, Bride and Prejudice, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Labyrinth, Shrek, Aladdin, Never Back Down (ehhhh).
Books: The Ordinary Princess, Pippi Longstocking, The Bell Jar, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Music: Snow Patrol, Life House, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Owl City, Port Blue, Swimming With Dolphins, Flyleaf, Sky Sailing, OK Go, Weezer, Superchick, 3 Doors Down, and, as before, much more.
Best Friends: You know who you are. Really. You know.
Food: Sushi, mushrooms, candy, cheesecake, mashed potatoes, ham.

Things I "h8"
Movies: Harry Potter 4, Cats and Dogs, Prince Caspian (Narnia)...
Books: The Secret Language of Girls, Slaughterhouse Five.
Music: Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Paramore (I apologize!), most Rhianna, Barlow Girls, A lot of other stuff as well I can't think of.
Food: Wayyy more than I can mention here.

I'm a changed girl!

(Want a break from this long post? See this post here, and do the dance!)

Fortunately, around 2010, my brains were returned to my head, along with a healthy dose of grammar, spelling, the ability to choose coherant titles, and a good sense of what makes a good post.
Probably the first sense of what my posts were going to morph into was this one, here, which was a rant about anti-homeschoolers.
As demonstrated here, my ability to capitalize words also seemed to be coming into play. For once, the starts of sentences had capital letters.

This is also around the time that I took (and passed- with a 5) the American Government and Politics AP. I actually did a post about taking it, here, and it definitely doesn't seem like over a year ago that I took it. Hm.
I also went to New York at this time, and wrote probably the longest post I've ever seen in my life. I felt very accomplished.

Around January this year, I started developing my sarcastic voice. You can see it in effect here, and here. Actually, that latter post is probably the funniest thing I've ever written. My GS leader read it out loud at our meeting.

In March, I got what ended up being practically an early birthday present. A real piano. True, it still hasn't been tuned, and last time I sat down on our piano bench it literally collapsed under me, but I love our piano.

2011 is also when I started posting The Guide posts, starting with "You're the Chosen One". Believe it or not, I know you peeps really do read my blog, because occasionally I actually have people say stuff to me like, "You're a fashion victim" or "balloons" when I say something that they don't care about.
I'm so proud of everyone!

After that, you guys know what happened. I morphed into sarcasm-super-long-post-super-girl-bloggess. It's awesome, isn't it?
And, for anyone who isn't happy on how I post....

At least I don't use BIG BOLD YELLOW LETTERS anymore.
Love ya!

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