Friday, March 20, 2009

if we had no green.

If there was a law that made the color green illegal, we would have to dye all our grass purple or something. all the tree's would have to be de-chlorophylled, so that the leaves wouldn't be green. we would have to dye all of our green clothes some other color, and all of the adds and things saying "be green" or something like that, they would have to change it to be something like "be friendly to the environment" which is much more of a mouthful, and a lot harder to say than be green. not to mention all the trouble that it would cause that every spring you would have to rush out there and dye your grass all over again! I don't think I would like that very much. thats one of the things I look forwards to, is all the green-ness that comes with spring and summer. now all I would have to look forwards to is dying everything. besides, imagine how hard it would be in Ireland! (I've seen pictures and like, everything is green. ) so, lets just be glad that Green is totally Legal!


Cat said...

That was a bit random, but pretty awesome. :)
*is hyper*

*Vienna* said...

Ya if they made green illegal i would be an outlaw lol but any way I likeed the post

Ginny said...

Very interesting take on the whole green being illegal thing. Looks like you put some thought into it. Good job there.
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