Friday, August 14, 2009

the ABC quiz, I think thats what it's called. :D

Available/Single? I'm single.
Best Friend? I have to choose?! ok, hmm, Vivian, Trilly, Matthew, Sara, Linda, KT, eee! there are so many more best friends of mine, how am I going to choose?!
Cake or Pie? pie. loooooove pie.
Drink of Choice? Water, Kool-aid (it tastes really good), sprite, and ROOT BEER, duh.
Essential item you use everyday? well, the computer. of course, duh.
Favorite colour? Purple and orange.
Google? Yahoo! is better!
Hometown? hometown? like, where I live, or where I was born? where I live. Green Oaks.
Indulgence? Books. books, books, and more books. :D
January or February? Febuary! (closer to spring.)
Kids and their names?last time I checked I have no kids. thank gosh. (I mean, I'm TWELVE people!) but, if I did, I would like to name a girl Wanda, and a boy, well, I have no boy names I like. :(
Life is incomplete without...? EVERYTHING. I can't choose.
Marriage date? not married.
Number of siblings? four, thank gosh! I love you siblings!
Oranges or apples? Apples.
Phobias/fears? well, none, actually.
Quote for today? Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be. -Abraham Lincoln
Reason to smile? LIFE. you are alive people! smile because of that!
Season? Fall.
Tag two people? Trilly and Sara.
Unknown fact about me? people commonly mistake my friend Linda and me for sisters. (we don't even look alike!)
Vegetable you don't like? spinach!
Worst habit? well, personally I think I talk to much, and like, ya, thats it. I talk waaaaaay to much, and personally I think I might annoy some of my friends, but they are to fabulous to complain, or tell me I'm annoying them.
X-rays you've had? I've had a few X-rays on my mouth, so that they could get my expander to fit, and figure out what kind of expander I needed. (I still have the stupid explander in. :( I get braces though pretty soon.:D )
Your favorite food? erwshwisn, I don't know! why are you asking me these questions?!
Zodiac sign? Aries. duh. and I was born in the year of the Ox. :D

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