Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why undecorating the living room is like headdesking repeatedly.

I just got done helping my mom undecorate the living room, again. I say again, because it's always the same process every year. And considering the fact that I probably started helping to undecorate the tree when I was about... three... that's about... almost eleven years of undecorating. Phew.
The thing about undecorating is that everything seems soooooo much harder than it seemed when we were putting everything UP. For example: we have about five boxes of Christmas ornaments. When we're putting these up, it definitely seems like a lot, but it's good fun going through them all.. "Hey, Valerie! Here's your 'Baby's First Christmas' ornament!" "oooooh! Here's the Angel ornaments that Aunt Laura gave us all!" "Gasp! I remember buying these!" "Oh wow! My ballerina ornament has only lost ONE hand this year!" But taking them down? It feels like we have five HUNDRED boxes of ornaments to pack up! And we have to take every single one down... not to mention all the special statues and everything... and the garland... and the stockings... and the stocking hangers... and... and..
All the while my head is being attacked by my brother's senseless noise making. He doesn't even have anything to say- I think he just makes senseless noise because he wants to hear his own voice.

And so, if you want an accurate feeling of my head when I'm done undecorating, slam your head into the wall repeatedly, while blasting Three Days Grace and Nickelback (bands I was listening to on my ipod while undecorating...), add random, pointless, squeaky words, and then add a large dose of pine needles.
There you go.
One pessimistic's view on undecorating for the Holidays.
You're welcome.

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Cat :D said...

OMG that is one funny post!! XD I LOVE your blog!!

I totally know what you mean, it takes us AGES to undecorate, especially when my cat is "helping" us, lol. :D