Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hi! As I'm sure that all my twitter followers, blogger followers, friends, acquaintances, and random people on the NaNoWriMo website know, I have been struggling for the past 30 days to hit my monthly word goal each day.
Guess what.
So, here are some pictures. 'Cause I can't help bragging about it.

Yeah. That's the word count thing on Open Office. That, strangely enough, says I have a word count less than I actually do. Weird.
And if you're trying to read any of the writing there- that's a rough draft. It's going to be full of mistakes. But they're trying to break into a building. Just so you know. XD

And... Yeah. That's my "official" word count. (Before you ask- yes, it has fewer words than the OO word counts says I do. That's because I just had another word war with my awesome OYAN sister Ruana Xuxa and I haven't updated my word count on there yet. ^_^) :D I'm so excited. It's amazing. After 30 days of working my butt off, not only do I still have a butt, but I have more than half a novel written to show for it!

It's actually kind of funny. This novel originated a couple of years (?!) ago when I got a new tanktop (it's the "I'm not shy, I'm just quietly examing my prey" tanktop) and I was trying it on.
I had a new character.
She introduced herself as "Jade, seventeenth princess and better than you. I like your shirt." and then spent the next two (one? two?) years following me around almost every day.
I was actually very surprised when I finally managed to get a story plot for her. She didn't come with one. This isn't a plot driven book.
And yet...
I think I did pretty frickin' awesome.

See ya, NaNo! I'll be back next year...


Sandy said...

Jade sounds awesome.

Rose said...

you have no idea how jealous i am. seriously. im not talking to you anymore.
WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so fabbityfabbitfabbityfab and you are so amazing for sticking it out! i know several people who took part in nanowrimo - i would have myself if i wasnt so frickin stuck for anything to say and under the impression that everything i write is so unbearably awful... :D x