Saturday, June 27, 2009

lol, this will prove what a freak I am...

bout D'nD that is. lol. we were watching the fellowship of the ring tonight, and this is what my sister's and my commentary went, bout the fight scenes: (I'm green, Val is blue)
"wow, legolas has point blank shot!!" "yea, my ranger has that. omg, that must of been a critical, twenty points at least!!" "yea, now, Valerie, tell me, which would you prefer, to cross a bridge two feet in width, while running, or fight a fire element?" "the bridge... DUH." "lol, omigosh, Boromir has a lot of hit points, he was just shot three times!!" "wow, oooh, I wonder how many hit points that ork has?" "maybe ten??" "nah, more like three. Pippin killed him by hitting him with a rock. that can't do very much damage." etc. lol, I'm like a freak for Dungeons and Dragons. =D I have this awesome druid called Megera Thebes, and she has a familiar, a badger called Gloria. Valerie's is a Ranger called Medea Ivory, who has a wolf named Vivian as her familiar. Christina's is a fighter, called Katie Elizabeth Rockshank. lol. what a name. and she isnt' even a dwarf!! she is actually a human, so is my character. Valerie's is a half elf. ok, I g2g, bedtime. ttyl,

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