Saturday, June 12, 2010

t-shirts. t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts

So, it seems that recently has been my time for finding amazing t-shirt sites. (just stick with me here, kay?) my mom found this really neat site, ript, which features a new t-shirt every day. Some of them are really gruesome, and some are pretty. My favorites are probably the creepy/cool ones, such as this one here, and this one.

I also found this really cool site for 80's t-shirts, at 80sTees. I found this site off of epbot which is written by the same lady who writes Cake Wrecks. The t-shirt site has really amazing t-shirts... I was looking at them and I swear I was almost hyperventilating. There were ones of bands, such as blondie and ABBA, and there were neato ones like one I found of Alice in Wonderland and really neat the little mermaid ones, and there were ones of movies. Like Labyrinth. And The Princess Bride. and Beetlejuice. O.O deep breaths...

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