Friday, June 19, 2009

my teeth.

Aloha people! (Aloha is my random greeting of the week.) today I went to the orthidontist, and... I got my expander!! It's really neccessary, but I keep hurting my tongue on it. Ow. I also got a plaster cast of my upper jaw, and it is kinda creapy. Lol. We have also been re-arranging my bedroom. It looks a lot better now. we took the winky little bookcase out, which was really fat, and short, and we got a tall thin one instead. now I have a lot more floor space, and my books aren't falling onto the ground! Yay! I love books, if you haven't figured that out yet. And studying. except I don't like studying for the CLEP. I like to write reports. I'm listening to Hot 'N Cold right now. Its very good. lol. This is an extremely random post, isn't it. sorry. Well, yeah, I got my expander. Thats about it. I'll post more later.

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