Monday, November 7, 2011

Becuase No One Wants to Read 4 Pages

I'm doing another blog post.
That and I like to bury other blogs on my "following" bit in Blogger.
Deal with it.

And, also, because Rachel asked, in general, what our school day typically is.
Because I can never resist doing posts like this.... (NEVER.)
Here goes.

6:30 - 9AM: Wake up.
30/45 minutes after I wake up: Western Civilization, Writing, or Literature.
30/45 minutes after breakfast: Western Civ, or Mathematics.
if I finish that before lunch: Western Civ or Math, depending on what I did or did not do.
10/20 minutes after lunch: biology.
10/15 minutes after that: Writing. (In November: NaNoWriMo)
After that (generally around 3:30 pm): Break time.
Western Civ, if I haven't done 2 hours of it yet.
More piano.
More writing.
Sleep time.


1 comment:

Rachel :) said...

Busy day of work I see, lol! What's your favourite subject? I have quite a few myself, hehe.

Thanks for doing this, I like to see what everyone does in a typical school day, tends to differ! Oh yeah and thankies for the mention xD