Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My School is a Meanie

The title of this post is fairly misleading.
I am not ranting about my schoolwork. (I will be simply putting up my ideas for it at the end of this post so I don't forget.)
No, I am discussing one of the finest words in the English language- Meanie.

Meanie (mee-nee): noun: someone who is mean or unkind.

This is a word I think every three year old has in their vocabulary.
Unfortunately, it's also a word that every of my characters have in their vocabulary thanks to my friend's character. Character, you know who you are and will probably say that you're completely epic for being included in this post and then order me to make you food.
By the way- No.

"Meanie" is such an amazing insult. First of all, it serves a variety of purposes. You can call your mom a meanie if she says you can't go somewhere. You can call your friend a meanie if they don't show enough sympathy. You can call your little sister a meanie when she says something like, "you're fat." You can call basically anyone a meanie at any time.


Because it's a three-year-old insult. People don't take you seriously, and yet it's a fabulous way to show how irritated you are. You can insult whoever and they won't get mad at you. If someone calls you a meanie, you won't take them seriously. Why should others?

Origins of the word:

The word "mean" obviously came first, meaning (heh. Pun.) "offensive" "selfish" "stingy" and "inferior in character". The letter "y" was then added onto the end around 1927, leading to "meany" which meant "someone who is inferior in character". Both the spelling "meany" and "meanie" are used today, although the most common to find around my blog/friends/characters is "meanie".

Ode to Meanie:

Oh meanie, oh meanie
How useful are thee
You I do use
Against those who would bruise
My sense of dignity.

Oh meanie, oh meanie
How useful are thee
May you always be around
To insult with no fear.

^Proof that I am no poet. xD Feel free to laugh at my poor poetry. I laugh too. And then throw it away. ;)

So, the word "meanie" is useful. Use it. Use it more often than you already do. It's a good insult. No one actually ever feel insulted.

(Plan for school: spend 2-4 hours writing each day, spend 2 hours on WC and if it takes longer, too bad, spend rest of day doing school, do at least 2 hours of [fun] reading at night. Joy.)


The Lonesome Crayon said...

Jack wants to let you know that he feels epic. And he says meanie is the best insult ever. And he wants to know if you'll make him food, even though he knows you said no. XD

I would like to say that this post made my day. :D

Gabi said...

I kind of prefer the word poopface, myself.