Wednesday, September 30, 2009

:( and :)

first, the :) part. I got an award, from Cat. :D oh, and not only any award, it's an awesome award. :D thanks Cat, it made me smile. :)
now time for the :( part.
KT was supposed to come over today, but her mom won't let me.
I have a debate tomorrow, and I have NOTHING researched.
life seems to be moving to quickly. I have to much homework I haven't done, I haven't had a playdate with one of my friends for a long time, due to my homework which there seems to be to much of for me to handle, and all my activites. which I haven't had time to enjoy.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but it seems like all I've been doing today is crying. which is EXTREMELY odd for me. since I almost never cry. :(
I g2g back to homework. bye!

and thanks again for the award. :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


alien face for the title today!!! woot!
Rachel says my posts are random. :D yay! lol.
Valerie is soooooo annoying. she is singing "Cruella De Vil" over and OVER! and it's driving me insane. ugh.
today, however, she gets to go to choir, so, thank gosh for that, at least.
my mom is making scones. :D yay! I love scones. they're so yummy...
Anyway. tomorrow I have a sleepover with KT.. we're going to be working on this debate. OH NO. I still haven't found any info on it... oops... I'll just have to work on that with KT, lol. :D thank gosh I have use of the laptop. lol.
Valerie is so WEIRD.
anyway. I had a nice conversation with Rachel today... it was... as I said... and nice conversation.
I finished the around the world in eighty days thing. I got a C+, and I would of gotten a B, except that I didn't finish on time. OH WELL. I'll do better with Tom Sawyer, lol.
so bored....
hmm.... in only 6 days I get braces. :O
sadness... if Linda's birthday party is still on, that means I can't have a lot of junk food, LOL.
that sounded sooooo wrong.
anyway, I don't eat a lot of junk food, only at birthday parties, lol.

other than that, there isn't much here. except homework. but I mean, I always have homework. :D I've gotten a bunch of new songs in piano...
and I'm extremely tired. I couldn't go to sleep for AGES last night. :(

Aly and AJ, Like Whoa.

Monday, September 28, 2009


ya, so I still have homework, but if I can do pages on two more countries, I can pass! YAY, let's here it for passing!!!! *clapping*
pretty soon we're going to put in Sound Of Music. :D loveeeeeee that movie! :D
"how do you solve a problem like Maria?..."
my sister is SO weird. (Christina) she comes in, and says "the WIND!!!!" while waving her arms around... ??? lol.
la la la. anyway, I'll stop wasting your time and procrastinating. bye!


hi people!
right now I'm listening to No One by Aly and AJ. :D
and doing homework. yawn. lol. :D
so, you might of noticed that I've changed my blog background again. :D
I really liked it. and since it's almost Halloween...
anyway. as my friend KT puts it... it's freakin windy out today. :D
I went out to walk the dogs, and I was almost blown over, LOL.
well, I g2g, bye!

Thank you Dance Girl!

Thank you so much Dance Girl/Kendall! :D they're so cute...
ok, now I'm going to do my regular posting, lol.
hi people! ugh. I have MORE homework today. and (techinchally) that's all I'm supposed to do today. he he he. anyway.
stupid homework, I'm expecting I'm going to be bored out of my mind today. ugh, it seems like I've been doing homework all day, for weeks. we're homeschoolers, I thought we were allowed to go outside. you know, like, have fun sometimes!! I thought the reason my mom started homeschooling was so that we could have a more flexible scheduel. but noooo. of course not. ugh.
so, ya. only homework today, I'm not even supposed to be posting. :(
how am I going to survive??????!!!!!!!!!!! I hope dad goes downtown today. he just interferes with everything I do. seriously, he drives me insane, and it's sooooo annoying. :(
thanks again for the awards! I've got to start making some. :S
I'm kind of tired.... and mostly the homework I have to do is from yesterday... it was due yesterday, but I have today to work on it. :(
meh. and then I have a "list" of stuff to do. maybe I can just stay in bed until everyone leaves.
I don't want to be social right now. I'm going to go now, bye!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

hi :)

I'm taking a SMALL break from doing my homework. whew. anyway.
not much here.... I'm just happy. I don't know why, I just am. happy, happy, HAPPY. :D
my sister is so weird. I don't know where my lit binder went to, and she was giggling and was like "it's hiding in plain sight!!!" I mean... ??? lol. the thing is, she doesn't know where it is. so THERE, Veela! ha, ha HA.
I finished my page on India. it's my favorite page I've done so far. I've got a LOT of information on Indian on it. :D YAY. anyway, I should go, before I confuse myself... bye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hi people!
you may not know these two things about me. I'm easily distracted, and I'm a procrastinator. :)
if you are either one of these, or both, take the appropriate badges, and put them on the blog. :)
oh, and tell other people about them.
and tell me if you like the badges... I made them myself and I don't know if other people like them. ( I do.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An award for my sister. :D

This is for my sister, Veela. :) Thank you for being different... and pink. :)

oh NO! it's been THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!!

hi people! yes, I know, it's been THREE WHOLE DAYS SINCE I LAST POSTED! *gasp*
anyway... once you've recovered... on to the post, lol.

ok, site to look at:
cake wrecks!!!!
you should laugh at them... most of the wrecks are really weird. :D
ok. stuff that's been going on in my life. well, my friend's grandpa died, Matthew is still sick, my friend had to put their dog down... and my great grandma is in the hospitable. :(
so, ya. I've been doing homework all day today, no, not going to make it rhyme. :D
but I still have LOADS of homework to do. :( noooooooooooooo! sadness. :(
Amber, I have your letter, and I'll send it.... as soon as I remember! LOL.
on Monday we went to Old World, Wisconsin. it was really cool! Ok, so it was like, what it would of been like in Wisconsin, a looooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time ago. like, they had the first catholic church in Milwaukee. :D
it was really really REALLY cool. and Sara (SEP) was there! YAY! though it took her a loooong time to wake up. and then she was... well, herself. :D
ya. on Tuesday... I babysat my siblings. Wednesday is today, I did homework, and tonight I have Girl Scouts!!!!! oh NO, I still haven't sold any flower bulbs. :O
oops. I'll get on that right away. after these messages....
anyway. other than that.
ok. several random things.
Kenneth's perfect job: Jewelry designer-digger driver-father-shoemaker-gardener-scientist.
wow, I know right? that's alot for a 5 yr old boy, LOL.
oh, and Valerie. for Christmas, I'm going to make her a T-shirt which says
"I'm a sparkle-glitter-fairy-princess-unicorn-mermaid!" with lots of glitter on it. :) and it's going to be in pink writing on an white shirt. with glitter... of course. :D what do you think?
I think it's FANTASTIC!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


yay!! today's my mom's birthay!!! yayayayayayayayayyyyy! I know some people have already wished her a happy birthday, but I'm going to sing anyway.....

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Biiiiiirrrrtthhhhday to moooommmmmmmm
Happy birthday to you!

ya! that was fun. :D
anyways, I g2g, so I'll post more later.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

so, still nothin' new here. ye swabbies?
oh, an' make sure ye eyeball Rachel an' me new blog. thanks!
:) I be takin' a break from watchin' Beatlegeuce or somethin' like that. blah. 'tis kind o' creepy... I dasn't like 't t' much. I do like th' girl in 't tho, lydia or somethin' like that. she sounds... as she says "unnatural an' strange" but she seems like someone I could talk t'. an' she believes in Ghosts! like me!
ya. an' I like th' ghosts too. :)
yawn. next high tide' I be havin'... church, an' I be havin' a "talk date" wi' Rachel. :D
aye! but other than that... nothin'. too bad we`re watchin' a movie, I wanted t' run around abroadside. oh well. :(
I be havin' t' go do somethin', but I will talk t' ye later.
there be a new blog! an' aye, I be still talkin' buccanneer. be 't nay really cool lookin'? anyway. Rachel an' I made this new blog. 'tis called Animals. bet ye canna guess what 'tis about. anyway, here be th' link :
check 't ou' an' tell me what ye think. an' Rachel too! dasn't forget th' lass'. :)
thanks, an' be havin' a nice tide.
hello swabbies! or ortin' ta I say, ahoy! today be National Speak Like a Buccanneer Tide! so everythin' that ye say on me blog HAS t' be spoken in gentleman o' fortune. arrr? anyway. thar be a wee cool links I be havin' here, here be one http://www.talklikeagentleman o', here be another, http://www.gentleman o', an' thar be many more on th' internet. search, an' please tell me (in gentleman o' fortune, o' course) some o' yer favorite sites. :D thanks!

ok, so the sites are actually,

anyway. back to talking.
so, nay much new here. 'ceptin' th' sea dog talk, but that`s jus' on accoun' o' 'tis awesome, an', o' course, 'tis national talk like a sea dog tide. duh. anyway... ya. me mom be makin' cookies! yum. she says that they's Chip cookies. they be havin' chocolate chips, an' peanut butter chips, an' thar be mini ones, an' normal ones. yum! I canna wait t' eat them. so, today I be ou' by th' pond by me house. actually, 'tis behind me house. :D Aft t' what I be sayin'. I be sittin' ou' thar, an' 't be soooooo nice. like, thar be a wee bit o' wind, an' th' water be pretty, an' 't be cool enough. an' e'en tho thar be two swabbies mowin' the'r lawns, 't be so nice. lol.
I canna wait fer coookkkkkiiiiieeeessssss!
oh, an' check ou' th' book blog! 'tis o'er a chestfull o' views. :D aye!
anyway, I be havin' got t' go, post more later! arrrr!

Friday, September 18, 2009


so, good stuff and bad stuff today. good stuff:
I got a new piano piece. I got new jeans, and some shirts... which I don't really think look to good on me (they're all baggy, and... they just don't look to good) but they're really soft.
we got a new GameCube game. bad stuff:
three of the new piano pieces I got today are stupid little duets to do with Christina. and It's not like I'm even going to be heard, either! cause the duets at her level are basically the first part, and second part. I'm the second part. aka, I'm the "back up" pianist. which means that I am not important AT ALL, and I really don't want to do it, and have to be at the mercy of a sister who hates when I correct her counting.
the shirts are baggy. duh. oh, and I didn't get any new shoes. blah! I need new shoes.
the game: Valerie is letting me "See" the game. ok, see. not play. SEE. as in, watch her play.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ooooh! I have an award to give to someone...

The great commenter's award! and it goes to Vienna. Thanks for commenting! :D

ok, so, I have some other things to say. :D today I have a huger super gigantic test. it's *shakes*
102 questions! and only 96 are multiple choice! the others are all essay questions. yay! joy.
also, here is a new site for you people to look at:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blog fever.

blogging is addicting.
cause this is the third post today.
right now I'm actually supposed to be doing my math, but whatever.
me happy right now.
I've been writing a song today, and it's doing really well. like, I'm almost done with the lyrics,
then I just have to come up with a tune. that's the hard part for me.
oh well.
anyway, how are you peoples today? I'm fantastical. :D
my other sister has a book. at least that's not as dangerous as a hammer, thank gosh.
if you haven't already heard some of Aly and AJ's songs, you should look them up.
start with walking on sunshine, it's a happy song. one of the only ones that can cheer me up when I'm sad. which isn't very often, but whatever. :)
lol, my sister, Veela (aka, Valerie) is staring at me. lol, she is odd. (no offense Val.)
la la la! I really can't think of anything else to post about right now, so I'll write more later!

Another post!!

hi people.
I seriously have blogging fever. :P
anyway. second post today. noooooooooo it rhymed! ahhhh!
(clears throat)

ya. I just did my piano. it was funnnnnnnn.
I decided to list my favorite Aly and AJ songs.
my favorite is... either like whoa, or potential break up song.
then I like
no one,
out of the blue,
sticks and stones,
into the rush,
and a lot more of them. lol.
oh, and I don't like them in the order I listed them, I just listed them in that order, lol.
I g2g, post more later!


hi people!
wow, I have like, blogging fever or something. :D
so, still not much here. I've done a lot of homework today (writing, science, and government) and after I post this I have math. woot, almost done with NEM 1!! yayayayayayayay!
darn it. then I go into NEM 2. today I played karaoke with my sister's. it was fantabulous! cause I made like, a microphone stand. we have this stool, and it has a hole in the top. more like a slit, so that you can carry it. and I stuck a broom in it, taped a clip to the broom, and clipped the microphone to the clip. it was so cool! I felt all like, special. lol, I am special. but I felt really good.
that's my problem. I really like to sing, and I would looooovvee to be a singer, BUT I am really really bad at writing songs. like, all my songs end up sounding stupid. :(
ya, so I did that, and we listened to music (top playlist we listened to: When I Grow up-the pussycat dolls, only time-enya, get up-Superchick, and a lot more.) :D and, ya. listened to music, sung, I wrote more on my paper and listened to Aly and AJ, yelled at Valerie... it has been a very rewarding day today.
post more later!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


omg this is like, my third post today. WOOT!
anyway... not much here (still. ) but I've decided that my favorite band is Aly and AJ. :D
ya... anyway... my mom and my sister(s) are out. so I'm home. listening to Aly and AJ, lol.
Ken and Mon are watching Fantasia. they say it's boring, but... wait... let me check... ya, it might be boring, but they're still watching it, lol! ya. lots of homework today, but I've pretty much finished up. :D yay!!! anyway, I g2g, I'll post more later!


nothing here.
just posted to complain.
there, I said it. basically, I woke up, had breakfast, and then it was homework, homework, homework. I HATE IT. and then my mom made me do this quiz for the novel writing, but since I took a break from it, I did HORRIBLY. BLAH!!! I'm not feeling to well today, like it's just to warm out, so I feel like I'm melting, my nose is stuffy, and my throat hurts.
other than that, not much. yesterday we went apple picking (which normally would of been fun, except I swear there were mosquito's everywhere) and then we went on what my mom calls "a four mile forced march" that pretty much sums it up. how are you peoples doing?
I'm doing... ok, other than the above. lol. anyway, happiness, I'm almost done with my paper. now all I have to do is go over the last three lessons in my writing, take the quiz again, and prepare for a 102 question test in government. Joy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


hiya people!
I'm realllly tired right now. I was... hem hem... up late.
lol. last night was the Girl's club (aka, the "Nina Club") and it was at Nina's. it was funnn... cept I was sad :( because Eva couldn't make it (she is out of town) and neither could Trilly.
EXCUSE ME, TRILLY? exactly WHY couldn't you make it?
anyway, it was fun, but I was really tired last night, and then Nina gave me sugar and I was like "hahahahahahhahahahahaha" the whole time. and then I would get calm, and then I'd burst out laughing again. I was getting strange looks from my friends, lol. :D
like, I was all calm, and then I remembered this guy. ok, so we were going to my piano lessons, and we saw this guy riding a bike. ok, thats not so strange. but in one hand he was carrying a black bag, and in the other, he was eating cheese. I giant bit of cheese. he wasn't even holding on to the bike, he was just eating the cheese!!!! LOL!!!
ANYWAY. I g2g, so I'll post more later! bye bye people!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

do you agree?

we just watched Spiderwick. (the movie.)
and my sister said "he looks like a jerk." (she was talking about Freddie Highmore as Jared.)
he is the one in the middle. lol. she did NOT, however, say that Freddie Highmore as Simon (on the left) looked like a jerk. I asked her why, and she said "Jared wears bad clothes." ok, so like, I don't think they're bad, and I don't think he looks like a jerk, either. so, please tell me in the comments whether you agree with me, (that he is a little cute, and doesn't look like jerk,) or my sister (that he is ugly and looks like a jerk.) thanks!


hi! I'm happy right now. I just finished my IHAMGOV homework! (Indian Hill American Government. (Indian Hill AMerican GOVernment))
yayayayyayayyay! I have class today, so it's REALLY GOOD that I finished it. :D
anyway, whats new with you people? I know I got this awesome award from my sister, but I've been to lazy to pick it up. *yawn* I stayed up really late last night, trying to read all of Obama's speech before morning. lol, so I've been up till 11:30. tired.
the LHOUSE meeting was ok... kinda boring, and I wasn't really, I don't know. I really don't FIT anywhere right now. I feel too tall and awkward and to OLD for the kid's part of the group, but I really don't feel like I fit in the teen group either (but I fit well enough for me to sit there and talk with them for like, two hours, lol.) anyway, Matthew wasn't feeling well, so that really stunk... yup. there were a bunch of new people. I have to get started on my paper eventually, probably later today. (I have to write it by the 17.) BUT right now I'm happy. :)
Girl Scouts was ok last night, though, as Linda pointed out, the scarecrow, which we are going to enter in a contest (are you kidding?!) looks "like it was made by 6 year olds." it really does, too. but hey, not TO bad for half an hour! we called her Sam. :D Val and Chris have officially joined the GS troop, and Valerie is (still) obviously used to her loud old GS troop, cause she wouldn't stop laughing! lol. anyway, ya.
anyway, I g2g, ttyl!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


I have an award to give out!! I made it. do you like it??
it's for:
Trilly, Vienna, Amber, Rachel, Catriona, Linda, Kendall, and (my actual sister,) Veelacat!! :)
thanks everyone. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


hi people! I'm putting out another thing to say that if you can review any books, please put the review on your blog, and submit the post to my carnival! to submit something, please go here.
the carnival editions are posted on Book Review, The Club. (
so, ya, ttyl!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

¡ǝldoǝd uʍop ǝpısdn ollǝɥ

:) did you like my title?? I do. it's UPSIDE DOWN!! how cool is that?!

anyway... there isn't that much here. I don't even know why I'm posting right now. sigh. anywayz, ya. Friday was busy, as you might of read on my sister's blog. if you HAVEN'T, it was craziness. I had atrium in the morning, Val had violin RIGHT after atrium, Christina and I had piano right after that, and then right after that we went to the park. wow.
this morning, I was asleep, when my sister yells down the stairs "GRANDMA'S HERE!!!" eeek! so, my grandma takes us to church sometimes, and so like, I had to get dressed. and get my hair brushed. and my shoes on. Blah!!!! she comes at like, 7:30, so I was, (of course), still asleep. ya. so, I've been having some crazy days so far. today I have to start a five page paper. I WILL too.
anyway, I g2g, so I'll post more later!! ¡ɹǝʇɐl ǝɹoɯ ʇsod ¡sǝldoǝd ǝʎq ǝʎq

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

check out these blogs!

here are a list of (awesome) blogs you people should take a look at! (my friend Nakamura's blog)
and, last, but not least.... the NEW ADDITION! (my sister, Valerie's new blog!)

please comment on her blog, and tell her how awesome she is!