Saturday, September 19, 2009

hello swabbies! or ortin' ta I say, ahoy! today be National Speak Like a Buccanneer Tide! so everythin' that ye say on me blog HAS t' be spoken in gentleman o' fortune. arrr? anyway. thar be a wee cool links I be havin' here, here be one http://www.talklikeagentleman o', here be another, http://www.gentleman o', an' thar be many more on th' internet. search, an' please tell me (in gentleman o' fortune, o' course) some o' yer favorite sites. :D thanks!

ok, so the sites are actually,

anyway. back to talking.
so, nay much new here. 'ceptin' th' sea dog talk, but that`s jus' on accoun' o' 'tis awesome, an', o' course, 'tis national talk like a sea dog tide. duh. anyway... ya. me mom be makin' cookies! yum. she says that they's Chip cookies. they be havin' chocolate chips, an' peanut butter chips, an' thar be mini ones, an' normal ones. yum! I canna wait t' eat them. so, today I be ou' by th' pond by me house. actually, 'tis behind me house. :D Aft t' what I be sayin'. I be sittin' ou' thar, an' 't be soooooo nice. like, thar be a wee bit o' wind, an' th' water be pretty, an' 't be cool enough. an' e'en tho thar be two swabbies mowin' the'r lawns, 't be so nice. lol.
I canna wait fer coookkkkkiiiiieeeessssss!
oh, an' check ou' th' book blog! 'tis o'er a chestfull o' views. :D aye!
anyway, I be havin' got t' go, post more later! arrrr!

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Rachel :] said...

so youu havin' some lil' fun? lol.