Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you Dance Girl!

Thank you so much Dance Girl/Kendall! :D they're so cute...
ok, now I'm going to do my regular posting, lol.
hi people! ugh. I have MORE homework today. and (techinchally) that's all I'm supposed to do today. he he he. anyway.
stupid homework, I'm expecting I'm going to be bored out of my mind today. ugh, it seems like I've been doing homework all day, for weeks. we're homeschoolers, I thought we were allowed to go outside. you know, like, have fun sometimes!! I thought the reason my mom started homeschooling was so that we could have a more flexible scheduel. but noooo. of course not. ugh.
so, ya. only homework today, I'm not even supposed to be posting. :(
how am I going to survive??????!!!!!!!!!!! I hope dad goes downtown today. he just interferes with everything I do. seriously, he drives me insane, and it's sooooo annoying. :(
thanks again for the awards! I've got to start making some. :S
I'm kind of tired.... and mostly the homework I have to do is from yesterday... it was due yesterday, but I have today to work on it. :(
meh. and then I have a "list" of stuff to do. maybe I can just stay in bed until everyone leaves.
I don't want to be social right now. I'm going to go now, bye!!!

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