Wednesday, September 30, 2009

:( and :)

first, the :) part. I got an award, from Cat. :D oh, and not only any award, it's an awesome award. :D thanks Cat, it made me smile. :)
now time for the :( part.
KT was supposed to come over today, but her mom won't let me.
I have a debate tomorrow, and I have NOTHING researched.
life seems to be moving to quickly. I have to much homework I haven't done, I haven't had a playdate with one of my friends for a long time, due to my homework which there seems to be to much of for me to handle, and all my activites. which I haven't had time to enjoy.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but it seems like all I've been doing today is crying. which is EXTREMELY odd for me. since I almost never cry. :(
I g2g back to homework. bye!

and thanks again for the award. :D


*Vienna* said...

I am SORRY i had to canceel a play date to yesterday well she had to cancell:(

*Vienna* said...

Hey angela i was just wondering why i am not on the list of blogs you like?