Wednesday, September 23, 2009

oh NO! it's been THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!!

hi people! yes, I know, it's been THREE WHOLE DAYS SINCE I LAST POSTED! *gasp*
anyway... once you've recovered... on to the post, lol.

ok, site to look at:
cake wrecks!!!!
you should laugh at them... most of the wrecks are really weird. :D
ok. stuff that's been going on in my life. well, my friend's grandpa died, Matthew is still sick, my friend had to put their dog down... and my great grandma is in the hospitable. :(
so, ya. I've been doing homework all day today, no, not going to make it rhyme. :D
but I still have LOADS of homework to do. :( noooooooooooooo! sadness. :(
Amber, I have your letter, and I'll send it.... as soon as I remember! LOL.
on Monday we went to Old World, Wisconsin. it was really cool! Ok, so it was like, what it would of been like in Wisconsin, a looooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time ago. like, they had the first catholic church in Milwaukee. :D
it was really really REALLY cool. and Sara (SEP) was there! YAY! though it took her a loooong time to wake up. and then she was... well, herself. :D
ya. on Tuesday... I babysat my siblings. Wednesday is today, I did homework, and tonight I have Girl Scouts!!!!! oh NO, I still haven't sold any flower bulbs. :O
oops. I'll get on that right away. after these messages....
anyway. other than that.
ok. several random things.
Kenneth's perfect job: Jewelry designer-digger driver-father-shoemaker-gardener-scientist.
wow, I know right? that's alot for a 5 yr old boy, LOL.
oh, and Valerie. for Christmas, I'm going to make her a T-shirt which says
"I'm a sparkle-glitter-fairy-princess-unicorn-mermaid!" with lots of glitter on it. :) and it's going to be in pink writing on an white shirt. with glitter... of course. :D what do you think?
I think it's FANTASTIC!

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