Thursday, September 10, 2009


hi! I'm happy right now. I just finished my IHAMGOV homework! (Indian Hill American Government. (Indian Hill AMerican GOVernment))
yayayayyayayyay! I have class today, so it's REALLY GOOD that I finished it. :D
anyway, whats new with you people? I know I got this awesome award from my sister, but I've been to lazy to pick it up. *yawn* I stayed up really late last night, trying to read all of Obama's speech before morning. lol, so I've been up till 11:30. tired.
the LHOUSE meeting was ok... kinda boring, and I wasn't really, I don't know. I really don't FIT anywhere right now. I feel too tall and awkward and to OLD for the kid's part of the group, but I really don't feel like I fit in the teen group either (but I fit well enough for me to sit there and talk with them for like, two hours, lol.) anyway, Matthew wasn't feeling well, so that really stunk... yup. there were a bunch of new people. I have to get started on my paper eventually, probably later today. (I have to write it by the 17.) BUT right now I'm happy. :)
Girl Scouts was ok last night, though, as Linda pointed out, the scarecrow, which we are going to enter in a contest (are you kidding?!) looks "like it was made by 6 year olds." it really does, too. but hey, not TO bad for half an hour! we called her Sam. :D Val and Chris have officially joined the GS troop, and Valerie is (still) obviously used to her loud old GS troop, cause she wouldn't stop laughing! lol. anyway, ya.
anyway, I g2g, ttyl!

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