Saturday, September 19, 2009

so, still nothin' new here. ye swabbies?
oh, an' make sure ye eyeball Rachel an' me new blog. thanks!
:) I be takin' a break from watchin' Beatlegeuce or somethin' like that. blah. 'tis kind o' creepy... I dasn't like 't t' much. I do like th' girl in 't tho, lydia or somethin' like that. she sounds... as she says "unnatural an' strange" but she seems like someone I could talk t'. an' she believes in Ghosts! like me!
ya. an' I like th' ghosts too. :)
yawn. next high tide' I be havin'... church, an' I be havin' a "talk date" wi' Rachel. :D
aye! but other than that... nothin'. too bad we`re watchin' a movie, I wanted t' run around abroadside. oh well. :(
I be havin' t' go do somethin', but I will talk t' ye later.


*Vienna* said...

I LOVE your new backroun so cool and the pritate talk is AWSOME

Beanie said...

Pirate Day! (technically yesterday but oh wells lol) Wait. It's Talk like a Pirate Day xD

Anonymous said...

Cool :]