Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another post!!

hi people.
I seriously have blogging fever. :P
anyway. second post today. noooooooooo it rhymed! ahhhh!
(clears throat)

ya. I just did my piano. it was funnnnnnnn.
I decided to list my favorite Aly and AJ songs.
my favorite is... either like whoa, or potential break up song.
then I like
no one,
out of the blue,
sticks and stones,
into the rush,
and a lot more of them. lol.
oh, and I don't like them in the order I listed them, I just listed them in that order, lol.
I g2g, post more later!

1 comment:

*Vienna* said...

WOW you are in the bloging mood arent u thats a good thing i like aly and aj too