Tuesday, September 15, 2009


nothing here.
just posted to complain.
there, I said it. basically, I woke up, had breakfast, and then it was homework, homework, homework. I HATE IT. and then my mom made me do this quiz for the novel writing, but since I took a break from it, I did HORRIBLY. BLAH!!! I'm not feeling to well today, like it's just to warm out, so I feel like I'm melting, my nose is stuffy, and my throat hurts.
other than that, not much. yesterday we went apple picking (which normally would of been fun, except I swear there were mosquito's everywhere) and then we went on what my mom calls "a four mile forced march" that pretty much sums it up. how are you peoples doing?
I'm doing... ok, other than the above. lol. anyway, happiness, I'm almost done with my paper. now all I have to do is go over the last three lessons in my writing, take the quiz again, and prepare for a 102 question test in government. Joy.

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*Vienna* said...

sorry your sick. ohh apple picking!!!ttyl