Saturday, September 12, 2009


hiya people!
I'm realllly tired right now. I was... hem hem... up late.
lol. last night was the Girl's club (aka, the "Nina Club") and it was at Nina's. it was funnn... cept I was sad :( because Eva couldn't make it (she is out of town) and neither could Trilly.
EXCUSE ME, TRILLY? exactly WHY couldn't you make it?
anyway, it was fun, but I was really tired last night, and then Nina gave me sugar and I was like "hahahahahahhahahahahaha" the whole time. and then I would get calm, and then I'd burst out laughing again. I was getting strange looks from my friends, lol. :D
like, I was all calm, and then I remembered this guy. ok, so we were going to my piano lessons, and we saw this guy riding a bike. ok, thats not so strange. but in one hand he was carrying a black bag, and in the other, he was eating cheese. I giant bit of cheese. he wasn't even holding on to the bike, he was just eating the cheese!!!! LOL!!!
ANYWAY. I g2g, so I'll post more later! bye bye people!