Wednesday, September 16, 2009


hi people!
wow, I have like, blogging fever or something. :D
so, still not much here. I've done a lot of homework today (writing, science, and government) and after I post this I have math. woot, almost done with NEM 1!! yayayayayayayay!
darn it. then I go into NEM 2. today I played karaoke with my sister's. it was fantabulous! cause I made like, a microphone stand. we have this stool, and it has a hole in the top. more like a slit, so that you can carry it. and I stuck a broom in it, taped a clip to the broom, and clipped the microphone to the clip. it was so cool! I felt all like, special. lol, I am special. but I felt really good.
that's my problem. I really like to sing, and I would looooovvee to be a singer, BUT I am really really bad at writing songs. like, all my songs end up sounding stupid. :(
ya, so I did that, and we listened to music (top playlist we listened to: When I Grow up-the pussycat dolls, only time-enya, get up-Superchick, and a lot more.) :D and, ya. listened to music, sung, I wrote more on my paper and listened to Aly and AJ, yelled at Valerie... it has been a very rewarding day today.
post more later!

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*Vienna* said...

O i am sure u are not that bad at writeing songs email me one or post it