Tuesday, September 29, 2009


alien face for the title today!!! woot!
Rachel says my posts are random. :D yay! lol.
Valerie is soooooo annoying. she is singing "Cruella De Vil" over and OVER! and it's driving me insane. ugh.
today, however, she gets to go to choir, so, thank gosh for that, at least.
my mom is making scones. :D yay! I love scones. they're so yummy...
Anyway. tomorrow I have a sleepover with KT.. we're going to be working on this debate. OH NO. I still haven't found any info on it... oops... I'll just have to work on that with KT, lol. :D thank gosh I have use of the laptop. lol.
Valerie is so WEIRD.
anyway. I had a nice conversation with Rachel today... it was... as I said... and nice conversation.
I finished the around the world in eighty days thing. I got a C+, and I would of gotten a B, except that I didn't finish on time. OH WELL. I'll do better with Tom Sawyer, lol.
so bored....
hmm.... in only 6 days I get braces. :O
sadness... if Linda's birthday party is still on, that means I can't have a lot of junk food, LOL.
that sounded sooooo wrong.
anyway, I don't eat a lot of junk food, only at birthday parties, lol.

other than that, there isn't much here. except homework. but I mean, I always have homework. :D I've gotten a bunch of new songs in piano...
and I'm extremely tired. I couldn't go to sleep for AGES last night. :(

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Random GC Girl..... said...

Cool post !! (as always, lol)

Look at my blog, you've won an award !!! :D