Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to Celebrate

This is a few days late, but I finally finished the rough draft (or first draft) of Jade's book.
Let's get out the balloons!
Unformatted correctly, the total page count is 99 pages, and the total word count is somewhere around 53,000. That's about the same length as Burning Hope, so I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm also fairly pleased the way that the character development turned out-- Jade went from extremely bratty to, in my opinion, a fairly decent human being.
I'm happy I finally finished. :)

Of course, now I have about a year or two before it's even halfway done, editing wise, and even then I'll always find something to change...
Maybe it'll be done in time for the OYAN contest, though. Not that I expect it'll get even into the semi-finalists... But it's always just fun to join in the hype about sending in your novel to be read and judged. Besides- if it doesn't end up in the semi-finalists... You don't know how awful it might be!

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