Thursday, January 12, 2012

Characters I Am Proud Of

I'll admit that I love all my characters with the exceptions of Joanna, Michelle, Alex, Candace, and a few others that I'm not remembering at the moment. But, yes. For the most part, I adore all my characters. However, there are a few that I'm particularly proud of, for various reasons.
Here are the characters, and why.

Smith- Evil as heck vampire
Actually, Smith is one of my all time favorite characters and also the one I'm the absolute most proud of. Why? Because my friends have nightmares about him! Because he's sufficently creepy enough to creep people out! Because I've never been able to make a good villain before him! He's pure evil... But he doesn't necessarily seem like that. Why? Because he's super, super polite, and he's capable of feeling depression/loneliness.
He's still evil, though.

Jade Zamzow- "Cooler than you."
Jade. Oh Jade. Where to start with her? She introduced herself to me, without any summoning. She has a bazillion faults and negative personality flaws, and yet people still feel compelled to love her. She's selfish and sexist (against guys) and considers most people way lower than she is. Yet, everyone loves her. ('Specially Katie's character... XD) I'm mostly proud of her because I managed to give her personality flaws enough that someone pointed that out when critiquing my book (that she's a bit selfish), and yet... She makes a workable main character. Think a chaotic good character, if you're familiar with D&D jargon.

Jacqueline Louise Marqs- Anger management class? What anger management class?
Valerie helped me come up with Jackie, to tell the truth. But she's mostly my invention. Why? Because her personality has shifted so far since she was created. She started out as a mildly attitude-y slightly gothic asian girl... For anyone who knows her, this definition will be completely foreign. Why? Because now she's anger issue-y, completely goth, angsty, amazingly awesome asian girl. Who is awesome. Why am I proud of her? Because I've never made a character who can honestly get mad at someone at the drop of the hat. And, with the exception of Amanda, I have never made anyone who uses violence so often either.

Kezia Dustin- Conservative, protestant.
The reason that I'm proud of Kezia (first. character. EVER.) is because she's so unlike me when it comes to politics and religion. That's pretty much the sole reason I'm so proud of her.

Jacob- Super genius
Why am I proud of Jake? Well, with the exception of Smith, none of my characters can be so much of a jerk. None of them. None of them are as inappropriate and idiotic and just as annoying as Jake can be. Characters generally either avoid him or beat him up when they first meet him. No one likes him, really, and he really doesn't care that much. I'm just proud that he's still a jerkface even though I made him two years ago.

Alyssa- "Glitter! Yay!"
Alyssa is amazing. I love her to death. She's one of my earliest characters, one of the first characters I actually saw, and she's so... happy! That's why I'm proud of her. Because she is, essentially, a bubblehead. She's intelligent, sure, but she doesn't have a ton of common sense. And unless she makes an effort, she's not going to think of things like "Smith might be waiting to kill me". She also gets really happy really fast. And that's why I'm proud of her.

There you go. The characters I am most proud of. If you want to know, here are the books they're in:
Smith = Charele's book
Jade = Jade's book (great titles, right?)
Jackie = Music Box
Kezia = Burning Hope
Jake = Steampunk book of doom
Alyssa = Alyssa's Book

There you go. ^_^


The Lonesome Crayon said...

Smith is so creepy ... by the way ... I've had seven nightmares about him...XP

The Lonesome Crayon said...

I also might steal this idea for a post because I want to blog and I have no idea what to blog about, if thats okay. XD

Mae said...

I like the "Steampunk book of doom" title :)