Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello, hello, hello!

And again Angela disappeared off the face of the planet, only to reappear again with a pathetic post!

The fact is, I was waiting until I could do a really awesome picture-filled post with my favorite refashions I've done (can't help showing off sometimes), but I've been too lazy to take pictures, and I'm about halfway done with some really awesome ones that I want to show you guys when it's done.

So you're stuck with this crap.

I've been kind of busy recently. My great grandma died last week, so Valerie, my mom, and Philip went up to her funeral, while I went to my grandma's house and then to my religious ed teacher training (CGS) on Saturday.
Really long class.
Actually, it's kind of interesting sometimes, when they're talking about psychology of children or something... But most of the time it's covering stuff that I already know. For example- "this is the presentation of the Good Shepherd".
Yeah, lady. I've known this presentation since I was three. Moving on?


Anyway, I should be back for a while. Hopefully. Right now I'm going to go see our new washer, since the old one broke on Friday (T_T) and see how it works.


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Rose said...

im glad you're finally BAAAACK!!! (woop!) Cant wait to see the new refashionisations (<-- not a word but we can ignore that)

could you check out my blog? it would mean a lot (: