Monday, January 2, 2012

Not Dreading

The problem with the week after New Years is that you have to go back to school. And work. And you have to clean the house up from Christmas. And do laundry. And then there's just that horrible feeling when you realize that the year before is gone and you're never going to be able to live there again and even though every morning you're a day older it feels like much longer than that.

So, yes. I am preparing to go back to school. Actually, I'm back to school. I've already worked on WC for about two hours today, and I'm preparing to work on it more after lunch. Piano... Hahahaha. No more piano > food for a while, either. Because if I don't eat, I can't do other school. Which is a pity, because playing piano nonstop for about three hours is really awesome and I wish I could do it more often. Oh yeah. B)

But on the other hand... I'm glad to be back to school. I need to catch up on stuff (Japanese... Math...), and being back to school full time is great for that. I'm just hoping that I can finish my stupid math book before summer. (Good luck with that, Angela.)

On a brighter note...
2012 should be pretty awesome. (This is basically what I should have done in my post yesterday but I was too tired to do).
Because I'm an obsessive list maker, let's make a list. (Ready?!) Here are some stuff I'm looking forward to in 2012. Or at least not dreading.

1. Drivers ed.  How creepy is that? I'll be 15 in March, so this fall I'll be able to start learning to drive. Disturbing...

2. Sonata festival.  Because I'm a special piano student, I get to be one of the 7 people my teacher sends to the sonata festival. Basically, I play a sonata the very best I can, and then two judges judge me. If I get a gold, I get to go play in this really fancy recital. (Isn't that exciting?! //sarcasm)

3. Western Civ AP.  No, not insane. Well, not that insane. I'm actually looking forward to the AP. I'll probably bomb it, but at the moment I'm fairly confident in my ability to remember at least some of this stuff. Besides, after the AP WC is over, which is going to be epic beyond belief. And I'm sort of a strange person and I actually enjoy writing the essays.

4. Watching The Hobbit.  Must I say more? I'm soo geekcited for it... O_O

5. NaNoWriMo 2012  Because there's no way I'm not joining in the fun.

There you go. Five things I'm looking foward to- or at least not dreading. :)

Off to lunch then (dun dun dun) school again.


Gabi said...

. . . You can drive at 15?
No fair. :P
Happy new year!

Cat said...

You get to learn to drive at 15!!?? Omg I have to wait until I'm 17!

Angela said...

@Cat and Gabi: Well, learn to drive at fifteen. I won't get my license until I'm sixteen, which is next year. ^_^

Gabi said...

Lucky americans are lucky :P