Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspector Gadget

Best. Theme. Song. Ever.
Except possibly this one.

Or this one.

Or the one that I watch now...

Ahhhh! Nostalgia!
(Veela and I used to wake up at 7AM and wake up our mom and try to convince her to let us watch channel 11 so we could see Cyberchase. The most EPIC math tv show EVERRRRR.)

And... Dragon Tales. Forever part of my childhood.

And we can't forget George Shrinks. Veela and I always wanted this one THE MOST. It was the special one. Partly because for some reason they only played it every two weeks. :/

ARTHURRRRR! Veela and I could still sing along with this. <3


Hard to choose. <3


Gabi said...

I had so many flashbacks!
(I was terrified of the vacuum cleaner in Teletubbies, though.)

Althea Ford said...

Cyberchase! That's the only TV show my family watched for years. Other than the occasional Buzz Lightyear. Suddenly, I know why I'm crazy about computers. XD

Rose said...

TELLETUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! and ARTHUR!!!! ah, memories (':

Caroline said...