Sunday, January 22, 2012

Katie Day

So, this is The Secret, Katie.
Happy Katie weekend!

Created by Linda (Cat)

Yes. This is a bunch of people who all got their acts together to tell you how much they love you. Or how awesome you are. Or how much they care about you. Why?
Because you are amazingly awesome.

I don't have much else to say, that I want to say out here on a public blog... But let's just say that Katie is pretty awesome, and she's going through a hard time, and I love her to bits, and that we all hope that she's going to be okay. Forever and ever. :)

Picture created by Katie F. (Sadly, this was sent after I put the video up... :/)
Reasons Katie is Awesome:
1. She makes me laugh. All the time. Even if she doesn't mean to.
2. The craziest stuff happens to her.
3. One time she convinced me that she was a time traveler.
4. She's amazingly smart.
5. She's the only person I know who has a strong enough will to pull all-nighters three times in a row, doing homework all night.
6. She knows what I mean by The Urge, and can resist it.
7. Katie's really really pretty.
8. She writes better than I do. @_@ Her writing is amazing.
9. Her characters are really interesting. And funny. And kind of awkward! (Reflecting on her that she's good at characters.)
10. She is a really good pianist.
11. She can be really serious when I need her to be.
12. And yet she's immature enough that I don't have to worry about acting that much older than I actually am!
13. She has an exellent moral compass.
14. She won't lie to me.
15. I've known her since I was four, and she has always been this awesome.
16. She's a fantastic hockey player.
17. She uses amazing adjectives. XD
18. She blogs really well.
19. She got me to finish our collective novel. And she edits. Voluntarily edits!
20. She has really good taste in books/music.

Modern art by Isaac

I could keep going. But I'm not going to. Because I don't want to bore anyone. And. I can tell her this stuff over texts. XD

From Angela

We love you!

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Cat said...

"This is a bunch of people who all got their acts together to tell you how much they love you."
Yes. Haha :)

wooh for Katie.

and nice post!