Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Finish Half Western Civ Homework In One Day

I am a chronic procrastinator. As that happens, I tend to leave all my homework until the last minute- especially Western Civilization. As such, I have perfected the art of finishing half my WC homework on one day- and finishing the rest up the next.
This is how:

1. Start reading the chapter.
2. Highlight.
3. Do the 50 terms as you read said chapter. (They go in chronological order! :D)
4. Take notes for the AP essay (does not count if you have a DBQ.)
5. Finish chapter.
6. Photocopy workbook.
7. Go to sleep.
*next day*
1. Write essays
2. Do workbook.
3. Take online quiz.
4. Correct workbook.

And there you go. Done. Ta da. I'm brilliant.

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